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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Hey Peeps!Hope u all enjoyed our very first class outing as much as I did! We must have a second one soon ok! And hopefully those ppl who couldn't make it for the first outing can go for those to come. Sure won't regret one. Anyway, I was trying to attach the pix from class outing when everything I typed disappeared. How nice. So let's hope it doesn't happen again when I click tt button... Ok it did but I'm smart and I copied this message already. So this is the 3rd time I'm pasting it here. Blogger really rocks man...

K i just realised tt I have to use shutterfly to post pix, so I created a folder and I'm waiting for the dumb thing to load (It's been 15 mins) yaaawn. So, I shall crap! Yay! For the sake of those ppl who didn't go for the CIP Flag Day for Tsunami victims, this is what happened. We were supposed to meet at 7.30 at Woodlands Civics Centre which is vvv early for a place soo soo far away. So being blur in the morning, I made my first mistake. I mistook the bus interchange for the MRT station and I got pretty lost inside.

K for starters, Jing Ren (Karen) decided to pon on behalf of Ming Xiu cos he was too tired to wake up and Joo Xiang decided to pon too! So off we went to collect our cans.

After collection, we all jumped into the MRT to some other place cos Woodlands was pretty boring and it was starting to swarm with other collecters. So Shao Ning n I dropped off at Sembawang MRT while the guys went off to town.

Sembawang people are really sad lor. They all RAN past us. Literally. They RAN till they were like a mile away, then stopped and went like "phew!". Yeah and there was this woman who kept asking me if the collection was for Orphans when I told her like 10 thousand times tt it was Tsunami victims. Oh and my chinese got put to the test but I seriously think it failed la. This woman asked me which country was the funds going to. I said Asia she don understand and asked me to repeat in chinese. I was like... er... err.?? In the end she walked away :S yeah and I didn't know how to tell this lao uncle tt the funds were for Tsunami victims. How do u say tsunami in chinese??? Anyway I ended up saying "oh, gei zhong dao tsunami de di fang de ren" ahh rubbish!

After abt an hour or so we got really tired so we slacked ard for a while more then decided to go off. Found Naga n Zuo Hou at the MRT station and headed back to Woodlands. Had a hard time getting cash there cos we had competition from some other organisation tt had stickers! We didn't have any and people did prefer to get a sticker back rather than nothing! Being smart, we decided to ambush the people coming out from the buses at the interchange. Yep, more people running away from us.

Spent the last half hour eating n sitting ard at BK. Jacob and Paul came later, from Orchard (the hub of cash collection) with one-coin-full-dented-cans. Wow. Found out later tt Wen Jun toured the entire country on MRT and Cab (rich kid la). We reported back 10 mins late to look like we v hard working and yes tt is the end of our flag day. Oh and shutterfly is done with my pix so go see the outing pix k! this is the link...

Luv, Jan

Jan sixtwoedd at11:36 AM


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