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six two six two tao-jit-mia*!
six two six two mo-tak-teng*!
tao-jit-mia, mo-tak-teng~
six two six two...

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tao-jit-mia: 1st in everything
mo-tak-teng: unbeatable bao-ya: confirm win la! (=

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think of a class poll -_-

Monday, February 21, 2005

hey peeps! For those who went to Wen Jun's house on Sunday, I hope u had fun! I had lots :) For those who didn't go, all I have to say about Wen Jun's house is 'Waa..' Yeah I think you know what I mean. Thanks to Zuo Hou and his planning committee, we had fun playing games :) The first game was this egg hunting thingy. They hid 20 eggs all over Wen Jun's house and I tell u, it's seriously not an easy game esp when u're in Wen Jun's house la. Yes and they hid eggs in the corniest places la! There was one under this wooden eagle's butt or smthing. Oh and Wen Jun's house has this weird tree tt has weird fruits tt look like the plastic eggs. Yes, they hid one with the fallen fruits. In the end, My group won!! Whee~ Oh and I forgot who's group found 0 eggs so they all had to do foreit n stuph. The funniest game was musical sofa! Haha corny la. We had a rule tt the long sofa can only hold 4/5 people and the smalls ones 3 so tt ppl wouldn't try to squeeze anywhere they could. Yeah and as usual, BeeKee zhong, along with Jason, and they had to pass some prawn cracker thingy using their mouths. (my cam died on friday :( Someone else took pix though...) And then alas we could not stand the sight of the blue, blue pool right beyond the towering glass windows, so we had dunking exercise as forfeit. Yes, once they started, all the guys ended up in the pool, some pushed in, some somersaulted in. When they all decided that they'd had enough fun, they dried themselves and dunked BeeKee (again) who was sleeping peacefully on the couch v near the pool. As their hunger for dunking people grew, they decided to prey on me, poor innocent me who was safeguarding their handphones for them! hah ok. Yep it was really fun :D While we played in the pool, the rest were upstairs playing mah jong n stuph. Wen Jun's house had LOTS of space for all of us! Went to Pizza Hut at Plaza Sing after that and met S60 at Cafe Cartel and S61 somewhere else. The food was really yummy and I felt like a pig after tt! Oh and elaine took this huge pile of salad that was like at least 15 cm tall cos it was for 5 peeps and u could only get one serving. Wah, really fufilling day :) JTS was a success :)

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