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tao-jit-mia: 1st in everything
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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hey 05S62!

Hello! How's everyone? :) Just wanna say that it has been a memorable two months with you guys! I wish to clarify that I wasn't the one who decided that Miss Tengara take over your class for Econs. When I heard the news I got a shock too. I knew deep down that I will miss every one of you. Today Miss Tengara came to take you all for Econs for the first time. I stayed in the staff room and I couldn't help but feel that something was missing.

Overall, I must say I enjoyed teaching your class, even though you guys can be quite restless at times. There were occasions when I felt stressed because I couldn't seem to hold the attention of some of you. I offer my sincere apologises if I hadn't been an effective teacher. I know my teaching style may not go down well with some of you. That is why I asked you all to write down what you all expected of me as a tutor on a small piece of paper on the first day we met. It was to give me a rough idea on how I should conduct my lessons to suit most of you. But at the end of the day, I hope you guys learnt a little something from my tutorials! :)

Yup so all of you know that Miss Tengara will be taking you all for about 7 weeks or so. Hope you guys will enjoy her lessons and cooperate well with her! :) She's a more experienced teacher than I am because she went through training in pedagogy while I didn't. I'm a J3, remember? I graduated from Hwa Chong last year without any formal teaching experience. So give her your utmost support!

I know some of you are upset over your Os. I know what I am going to say will be redundant, but I just wanna let you guys that no matter what grades you got, you all are truly great individuals in your own way. I mean it! Look, the class is full of talents! Zuo Hou's in Track, Levina takes up dancing, Shaoning can sing and speak well, Janice has a flair for speech and drama.... the list goes on and on! (sorry if I didn't mention your names) I believe that with perserverance, you all will succeed in life. Cliched but true... Hope that no matter what happens, 05S62 will remain united as one forever.

Haha.... I'm gonna get back my A level results tomorrow! Am praying very hard... Take care and do say hi to me when you see me around ok!

I'll miss 05S62!

-- miss lock :)

wanjun sixtwoedd at9:10 PM


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