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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hey peeps. Since everybody is blogging i might as well add an entry. I tot zuohou's entry was really sweet.

Yes indeed it has been a short but sweet 2 + months, time passed by so quickly when u are spending time wif da class (not physics lectures of cos). Now tt da 1st 3 months is coming to an end, we haf onli less den a week left. I have always hated da 1st 3 months policy la, come in go out, go out come in. But inevitably some of us have to leave & da 2nd intakers will come in & occupy da seats on da class bench left behind by those who moved on. It's fate that brought all of us 2gether in da 1st place. We dont even take da same combis, we haf some cheena lepians, some artistic aepians, & da rest who took pcme. There's huge possibility that we might get split up all 2gether. But this is life, we will haf to move on sooner or later & we cant really change that, juz like how i m destined to screw up O levels examinations. grr. Because of that i m here praying that da moe accepts me into lep, altho da possibility is quite low.

waaaa i tink i deleted jeremy post by mistake paiseh.

Here's something for everybody.

Joo Xiang: This pool master looked really bengish to me at da beginning but he is da mr nice in our class. His laughter is really as contagious as a flu virus. haha. now tt u haf moved on to study in aussie i wish u all da best & remember to maintain ur pool skills mwaha.

Bai Jie: Being the top student in anglican high, Bai Jie is very intelligent & smart. She's a sweet gurl as well & i will miss ur perfectly completed tutorials. hah.

Ethel: The only RV gurl in our class. I tot hwa chong wld b flooded wif male & female nurses. ahaha. Ethel is a very neat gurl & is always sitting rite in da front of da classroom during tutorials. o ya she has a super seh fone hahaahaha will miss it.

Si Rui: Si Rui is quiet in a group but she LOVES to gossip. rite sirui? chatted wif her on da bus before & found out tt she's actually a pleasant & chatty gurl. speak up mor!

Clara: You cant associate da word 'pon' wif 'clara' man. Dis gurl doesnt pon anything except x-country. aha. & i tink she is really hardworking, in oder words a typical mugger mwaha. kiddings. & u really speaks chinese in a weird way ahaha angmohish.

Yu Tian: The most tanned chinese gurl i haf ever seen. haha m i exaggerating? & u despise chinese high vballers la wth? We are nice guys k. She really has that blur look tt turns u off sometimes. She takes pride in her work & is very mug mwaha. i wonder if da word 'slack' is in her dictionary. Chill man & say hi more..dont b so dao la.

Shao Ning: This gurl has a clear & loud voice. I tink she shld go run for council, i tink she has da potential to b da cheer ic hah. Chatty & sociable gurl who dislikes tanyang more than anybody else. & she's quite rebellious sometimes la cool down.

Wen Jun: He's my bank! haha this guy is damn rich & owns a mansion which is big and tall enuff for ppl to jump down & commit suicide. (ok dis is crap) but his house is really BIG & he's reali RICH so go borrow money from him mwaha. no need return one. lol kidding.

Karen Khoo: haha i dont like 'karen' larh lol. Miss Lock will remember me as karen la wth?!? I will always remember huifen as da sweet looking gurl wif a laughter which runs like an engine, & she has a messy file like me mwahaz. rawk on.

Ming Xiu: Ming Xiu always looks tired (according to jooxiang). I tink she needs to sleep more & cut down on da late nites out haha. & She's REALLY mean i will nv forget how she turned to me in da middle of gp lesson & said dis beautiful phrase: ta chao fei la~! ahaha kiddings i tink u shld sleep more so that u will look mor awake when u come to sch everydae (=

Wei Ying: Ok dis wei ying is da ny one. She luvs to quarrel wif jeremy i tink dey make a cute couple haah. kidding. din really managed to tok to her i tink she onli toks to da peeps in her cliques la haha. u taking arts rite? all da best.

Wei Ying: ok dis is da japish mgs one. She's da only gurl who has two ponytails in our class laz time. U look cuter wif a ponytail haha. i tink dis gurl is smart and has parents wif super high expectations. She got scolded by her father even tho she got 7 pts la. if i can i shld go tell ur parents to chill. haha.

Kai Ying: Miss treasurer haha. She's very very quiet n is da female weesiang i shld sae. & i notice she reaches school early but doesnt go to da class bench straight. She wld b reading books in da canteen. haha. u shld come to da class bench & tok to us. we arent monsters haha. heard tt u are going tj? yea all da best too.

Paul: omg his ego is as big as ivan's muscles. and he claims that he wld b da nxt fac prince. haha. but i muz admit he gt gd fashion sense as well as funky looking hairstyles & eyebrows. hope tt u can stay in hc.

Levina: This gurl doesnt noe how to light da bunsen burner larh mwaha. I tink she's very hardworking too, one of da respectable muggers in our class. yea cool down man dont mug too much mwaha. wad else can i say?

Wee siang: We sit beside each oder on da bus from sec 2-3 i tink. but i nv really tok to him. He really quiet haha but not to da extent that he wld seem anti-social. speak up more!

Jeremy: this guy is DAMN neat. He's neater than some of da gurls in our class i tink. haha sometimes really cant stand his neatness. or izit that i m untidy haha. are u aiming for da chairman seat in da hwa chong library again? if that's da case hope that u can get it ahaha. (=

Yuzhong: wad can i sae..he has been my classmate for 4 years oreadi. haha very qiao rite. his weiqi is damn pro. & he's beginning to take up sports cca in hwa chong. join vball! mwaha n quit canoeing larh i tink its damn tough n rather boring. no offence 2 da canoeists hahaz. i luv kayaking tho. ok off topic. kk continue to dominate da weiqi arena in Singapore, & if possible da world haha.

Naga: Naga loves to rap in class haha. He also loves to draw weird stuffs on his notes. I tink his physics is very zai oso he got A1 for physics prelims. & he got A1 for higher chinese oso omg haha quite unbelievable but well u deserved it i guess. rock on dude.

Janice: This sweet gurl is our selected fac princess candidate haha. She's always that cheerful & i tink she's a happy-go-luck person. I tink her art is quite pro saw her masterpieces b4. if a potential aepian says that ur art pieces are zai means u are reali artistic haha. ok crap haha.

Zuo Hou: Zuohou just changed his look recently. I tink he looks better now & he looks very decent larh. I tink he's quite a decent guy too, sometimes very hyperactive like yayan. & he oso likes to zao xia a lot i tink u influenced mi larh not da oder wae round. alrite cnue to build up ur muscles.

Yayan: omg dis gurl is damn hyperactive. definitely not shy or demure like wad she claims to be. Sometimes she really behaves like a mental patient who escaped from woodbridge haha kiddings. She's oso sporty too loves to plae ball games & run around like a tracker during da games. rock on gurl.

Samuel: This air rifle master is really..erms.. an air rifle master. He's damn zai la he beat jun hong recently i tink. gd for u haha. continue to rule da a-r arena & get sea games medals. hoping to see u win da sportsboy of da year soon. & dont support liverpool la haha go support man utd.

Mei Siew: Mei Siew is very quiet oso. She doesnt speak up that often. haha n y are u going to rj? shld haf chosen to stay la grr. nevertheless gd luck and all da best.

Jacob: This guy sticks to paul haha. They pon lessons 2gether, pia dota 2gether, & call demselves some yinyang brothers haha. I tink ur parents are quite nice & u really look like ur brother haha. rock on man.

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