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six two six two tao-jit-mia*!
six two six two mo-tak-teng*!
tao-jit-mia, mo-tak-teng~
six two six two...

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tao-jit-mia: 1st in everything
mo-tak-teng: unbeatable bao-ya: confirm win la! (=

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think of a class poll -_-

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

hey...its me again. thought i would write something of a class tribute =) well, i dunno what you all think of me, but sorry if i have been irritating or bu4 shun4 yan3...or maybe seem too quiet sometimes. (mostly in the beginning) but i take a long time to warm up to people. here's a few words i'd like to say to everyone:

bai jie: hey...didn't really talk much to you, except about VBC stuff? (which is also quite rare...hahas.) i think you're really smart and helpful. heard that clara and huifen frequently ask you for help after physics lecture? haha..well, you're changing class...so wish you all the best!

ethel: hihi...was your buddy a few times but didtn really know what to talk about in the beginning...hahas. so if i've been boring...sorry...=P but now that i know you better, can crap together..lol. really funny how u always try (in vain) to suan1 me...hahas. try harder =P hope that we can continue to be in e same class!

sirui: eh you ah. can u stop saying things against me?!?! -_- hmm. hope you can stay using lep...try to speak up la. later people think you r very quiet. (which you are not) and try not to get so nervous while speaking in front of many people...(e pot calling e kettle black. i oso.) anyways. dun keep touching your button when u talk!! -_-'

clara: same pitch of laughter with huifen. hahas. hmm...think you're actually more than what you are deep down...a very nice, friendly and pretty gal with a pleasant smile =) hope you've made the choice you really want and not be led by others.

yutian: erms. you despise me a lot izzit?...hahas. i kinda admire your straight-forward-ness(where do you put the hyphens??). wish i could just speak my mind like you sometimes. i tink you're a very strong and tough person too. (and er...fierce.) you have many many humourous facial expressions too...lol.

shaoning: i still cant get over the fact tt you asked for almost all the girls' names in our OG and proclaimed loudly: "the boys, nvm la." sexist!!! ahh. anyways, loud and cheerful. makes ppl feel at home. can b moody at times. keep up your sporting personality, and your faye-like voice too! (faye from FIR. you're not tt qualified to be faye wong yet =X ) too!

wenjun: hmm. hope you can stay pal. i mean, rich kid. SUPER BIG HOUSE!!!! wa lao. wish u success in your erm..diet plan =] and try to be more careful when walking...

huifen: my buddy for quite a few times too! dunno why you r always giggling at (almost)everything...but it's kind of infectious sometimes. so its a gd thing =) friendly, cheerful and pleasant. lets out occasional high-pitched squeals. u promised not to forget my 'clara has eyelids' thing! haha. -_-'

mingxiu: y u always look so tired?(or sian).....heh. how come you keep speaking chinese of your own accord?? lol. but think you speak quite fluent chinese. haha....have proper rest leh. dun over-tire yourself. i sound naggy. or at least try to slp like a pig during wkends. tho i dont do that myself...

(NY)wei ying: haiyo. u started off by criticising my blog. haiz. of course i have to retaliate. and jingren WE DO NOT LOOK LIKE A COUPLE. cute maybe. i tink 90% is me. the 10% is she act one. haha....anyway u transferring to arts class...summore it's class with 3 boys. haiz. the poor 3 boys. lol. j/k.

(MGS)wei ying: first thing i thot of was: PY! erps. hahas. and pls dont use your super-duper-act-cute-big-teary-eye expression on us! will die. lol. i tink u look at mirror will die oso...lol. anyways, think you must be really intelligent! heard u kept topping e class last time. rotten luck that you've got parents with very high expectations...oh well. just do your best! (in dancing and academically and everything else)

kaiying: haha, i tink u kinda like e lame song title-lyrics game? erps. anyways you're actually not that quiet la. i think. almost always a ready smile at all times...and r u joining CO in TJ? hahas..well wish you all e best in TJ! hope u rmb us during e LEP writing camp thingy!

paul: paul. paul. paul. paul. (people with ego taLLer than themselves always chant their names. =P) rich kid too but owe a lot of ppl $? hahas. dunno y. u've REALLY grown a lot taller since last yr. erps. i think 'style' is oozing from you. or at least written all over your face...keep rocking!(not stoning. ha. ha.) tink the way u talk sounds like some childish boy. hahas. quite amusing at times. and return me my 6bucks la...

levina: hey! think you can really offer good advice and counselling if we need it..hahas. looks quite serious most of the time but offers a smile occasionally =) smile more, then prettier...ketchup freak! cant finish fries without ketchup. it's a wonder you dont turn red o.O or orange. you gonna take PCML too? hope you can trans back to our class..with a bit of luck.

weesiang: eh.......really ar! must talk more...haha. tho i sometimes oso liddat. but sometimes you would (on some topics. *cough cough*) suddenly say a whole string of sentences and i will xiadao. hahas. how come judo guys are quite quiet or something? pleasant. yup. hindarto oso.

jingren: oi! you r juz jealous tt u r not as neat =P haha im not tt neat la. super beckham fan, super sporty ar. last time you were quite hardworking bt now changed already? hahas. but with your brains, you dont have to mug dao4 yao4 si3 lyk some of us...haiz. hope you can stay using LEP! g'luck k! fwens forever.

yuzhong: haiz. i tink u should join council. or take up some leadership role. (p.s IT rep isnt exactly a leadership role...) coz u shouldnt let ur leadership talents go to waste. class chairman for two years...tink u did a very good job. so should join council. can slam table while cheering one. hahas..

janice: hey gal! i tink quite a lot of ppl tink u look beautiful. lol. must win the glory of fac princess for us k...always with a ready smile...didnt really know u until e chat we had on e mrt. hahas. lucky of u to have such a doting sibling! i wish i had one. treasure him ar! keep up ur friendly and engaging personality!

naga: uga naga uga naga. uga naga can sing till we go ga-ga. as in, vomit. hahas. j/k...tink you r really humorous and funny...always bring a lot of luff-ter to e class. a lot of funny actions and comments too! keep those jokes coming! i tink you have a mature, sensible side to you too. not to mention tt you're v nice actually.

zuohou: hey! i tink you've done ur best as a ct rep, trying to initiate class outings and forging class spirit. so dont tink you r a bad ct rep k! maybe we want you to continue service hahas. saw you around in school and heard your name but thought you were qt fierce or someting. looks lyk i was terribly wrong! nv seen u lose your temper so far...very pleasant person, lame and funny too. hope to see you in lep class! hahas. gd job on ur huge jump of L1R5! tink u look ok now! so dont tink too much abt it k...

yayan: oh god! y u so evil! make me suffer more by letting me in the same class as her. thot escaped in P3 already..hahas. j/k la. din really noe you tt well in pri sch...only remembered that you were v talkative. hahas! looks like you still are now. very active, outgoing, engaging, bright n cheerful, it's difficult to remain moody around her. look at her hop, skip n jump around n u cant help but smile. (at the absurdity of a big gal still jumpin around. hahas.) keep up your high-ness k! really tink u shud be a councillor. can imagine u screaming during cheering sessions. lol. try to run for council k.

pooh: oops i meant samuel. hey! u seem kinda quiet too but din noe u were a crouching tiger, hidden dragon...hahas. so fast then won competition already! good for u. develop your talent k. tink you have a strong command of english...stay in e same class so tt i can learn from u k? hahas. you've been a great friend so far! jia you! you know what ji1 fan4 is rite? erps. (dunno y jingren started it.)

mei siew: hihi! you're a very soft-spoken girl with the air of a dignified lady...hahas. didnt really talk much to u but can tell that u make a great friend, from the way u defend NY wei ying (and me sometimes) valiantly. i tink its impressive to take jap, even more so jap lep! took jap last time but quit after first year =P well, good luck and hope u realise your dream of going to japan to study! must rmb us k!

jacob: one word. unique. same class with you for third year already...and sat beside you in sec 3..i tink. think you have your own way of thinking and tt's gd! you're the type who defines 'style' your own way. keep it going!

hmm. that's the lot. thanks 05s62 for giving me an enriching 2.5 months! best of luck to all of u in future endeavours(did i spell correctly??) and altho you might not remember me next time, but i will remember all of u!

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