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Friday, March 18, 2005

heyoz pple~! i love sentosa!! super fun today.. although i got super ugly tan lines now. it's real bad.. wahhh. but not as bad as jingren and zuohou. zuohou is like REALLY chao ta, and jingren like lobster like that. haha.. and to those pple who din go coz of some "special" reasons.. well. read on, and plz regret that u din go today. but zuohou, ur lang arh.. abit vulgar. plz try to edit ok.. relax. we still had fun today as a small group! =)

ok. first of all. i got a shock last night, coz zuohou informed me i'm the only girl confirmed going. grrrr.. AGAIN! but it doesnt matters, coz guys also very little. haha.. ok. stupid paul played too much com games the night before, and was super late. i tink we waited for him for abt 1 hour. (more for me coz i'm early :P) so we went to sentosa.. played bball. wah.. the court is damn weird. i keep shooting airballs. dun believe zuohou's entry. i was like standing at the side, ready to receive balls and shoot air balls. -.-" i din score lah.. i tink only 4 pts. urgh.. den i played super lousy beach vball too. den walked to "lao di fang" (that green band place) we took the same court! =D really lousy.. i tink only jingren managed to hit most of the balls. hehe..sorry! den.. um.. yu zhong came with xiuming (a super lame guy. abt the same frequency as jingren lah) haha.. ate chicken rice. den jacob cut his foot. (looks real gross)

den we waited for jan before going to kayak. den i was thrown into the water, but i was wearing white! wah lao.. forgot lah. shit, den had to wear jingren's dark blue/ black shirt. eekz.. den we kayak kayak. damn fun! =) at first, we kayak from one "island" to the other, den after that started our usual capsizing stuffs lah. wenjun.. seriously lah! he capsize, got up onto the kayak, den his kayak will shun bian capsize again on the other side. haha.. quite hilarious! =D *sorry* but then i also got capsize lah.. den cannot climb up. urgh.. the way i got up super not glamorous. and naga got abrasion on his leg lah. oopz.. sorry. oh yah, den got one time, we were nice and decided to bring zuohou along on our kayak coz janice refused to let him on the kayak (under our instigation :P).. den he capsized our kayak! wah.. den i was trapped underneath, abt to get up on one side, den naga pulled me back on the other side. so i was like stuggling underneath.. damn scary. urgh.. swallowed duno how much mouthful of water loh. :S in the end, me, naga, zuohou and jan raft up and sang stupid campfire songs. (hands up, palms together, elbows together... ;) )

den we played in the sea.. quite a dumb and fun time. haha.. we played cai quan. and xiuming had to go to this unknown group to play monkey with them. hoho! den we learnt the "duck call", den we did lots of splashing/ slamming. den we did lots of hair styling. haha.. fun~ went up, played abit of beach vball, den went at 5+. coz wenjun kept rushing us off to go wash up and go eat! *raise eyebrow* but the toilet was super crowded. me and jan walk here walk there, in the end we bathed outside, and went to some cubicle to change. urgh.

we went harbourfront hawker centre eat. wah.. the guys like pigs lah! eat so much.. haiyoooh. the choc peanut ice kachang not bad (jr's recommendation). but too sweet! :S zuohou and naga ate rice, noodles, carrot cake (zuohou + one more ice kachang, naga ate extra serving of noodles). the others quite normal, except, they ate carrot cake too. PIGS!!! @.@ den went the shopping centre to walk around. played air hockey.. fun! zuohou damn lame.. keep faking. haha.. oh. and own goals. and i kept whacking jr that handle thing off. ooopzzz.. hehe. :P oooh.. den i bought the fila shirt. heeee.

and pple. stop saying wad last class outing.. we must still have class outings!!!!! and i'm sure most of us can stay one. dun worry =) 05s62 forever. friends forever!

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