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tao-jit-mia: 1st in everything
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Saturday, March 19, 2005

ok 2 haf blogged about ytd's outing i shall make dis post da best of da 3 mwaha.

ok i was super tired in da morning. slept at 2 (thanks to xiuming) n had 2 wake up at 7+ da nxt morning la. to my surprise most of us arrived on time except paul. he super meng la pia lan n his new x-box till 6 in da morning b4 falling aslp. in da end he woke up onli at 9.20 (when we were sposed to meet at 9) but he PIA CAB down to harbour front la super enthu like me who went for every outings so far. i tink janice is another super enthu kia haha. she told a white lie juz 2 come for da outing. & she has huang cheng after tt oso la. those who nv go ytd..are u feeling guilty now? haha kidding. altho less than 1/3 of da class went but we had fun alrite.

we reached sentosa at about 11 (rite?) & saw some familiar faces playin bball at da 1/2 bball court. den we put down our bags n joined in. wa i tink our team was da proest dere. naga was scoring for fun & nobody dared to get near zuohou mwaha. after tt we went to plae a lil vball. nt tt fun tho wif onli 6-7 peeps, most of da time we were picking up da ball rather den hitting dem. & da vball is damn hard la. yep. soon yuzhong arrived wif our lunch & a super lame n farnie crasher haha.

we ate lunch & hang ard. soon jan arrived after successfully escaping from home haha. den we made every1 wet b4 setting off to kayak. ok yayan was super forgetful la still wear white in da end i had to sacrifice my shirt. muz wash it super thoroughly nw since it is super dirty n smelly cos she 5 daes nv bathe mwaha. we went to kayak n i gt a wrong partner la. n i had a tough time kayaking haha. noob la but i tink my standard is still better den da 2-star-certified-kayakers. mwaha. after tt we went to plae some lame games in da sea. as usual we played cai quan n tot of some stupid forfeits. xiuming da crasher lost n had 2 join a grp of strangers for a game of monkey. i tink he had fun la tt was nt a proper forfeit.

after tt we went to plae mor vball b4 going off to wash up n change. everybody was chao ta n red then. den we proceed to eat at da harbour front food court. da choco peanut ice kachang super nice rite! haha yayan's one was too sweet cos being her usual greedy self she called da auntie to put too much choco la. to me it's still da trademark dish at da food court ahaha. after a heavy dinner we went off to da harbour front shoppin centre to walk abt. wen jun was still craving for food n xiuming was making fun of almost everything he saw dere except himself. den we went to da arcade dere to plae air hockey. kao i keep losing la den zuohou won all ahaha. den da white thing for hitting da thing (ok i dono wad are those things called) kept flying off ahaha. after tt xyz went to buy dis super seh white fila shirt. super super cheap onli ten bucks.

ok mebbe dis wont b our laz outing but certainly one of da more memorable ones.

ok i shall end here cya all on mondae.

jingren sixtwoedd at12:54 PM


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