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Friday, March 18, 2005

Oooo...aaarrr...i look like a malay now....chao tar....and jingren looks like a roasted chicken.....hahaz....thanz for those who came down to sentosa today...especially janice and naga, u noe janice reallie made so much effort juz to turn up for the outing? her enthusiasm awes me..hahaz...and naga was sick. Nevertheless he came for the outing. For those who can come but dun wanna come and those who put aeroplane...i shall say no more. I do not noe how mani read my previous post....i'm veri upset initially with the turn up...but i tell myself it's okie...

I had great time anyway...we met some of our ex-schoolmates and played bball with them...and we managed to beat the other team lor with Yayan in our team...hahaz...she scored a few points lor...hahaz...then played a bit of beach v.ball but we ended pick ball more than we hit the balls..so a bit sian....then yu zhong turned up with lunch and a super lame fren of his...Xiu Ming...his one of the lamest guy i ever seen lar...shall tell more abt wad he did later...then we played in the water lar..coz veri hot...oh yeah jacob cut his toe...he damn lame lar...jumped into the sea for less than 10 second...he was on the shore groaning in pain liao...hahaz...hope he's okie now...later on janice finally can come...then we went canoeing..."row row row ur boat gently down the street, when u see a crocodile u wont forget the street. HAR!" hahaz...wen jun was super funny....he capsized and was trying hard to get back onto the kayak...then flipped the kayak over again...hahaz...a lot of times lorh....i capsized naga and yayan's boat quite a few times...and they were cursing me...hahaz...yayan drank a lot of sea water i think..hahaz....and jan was rowing the kayak away while i was still in the sea la, made me swim so much...

Subsequently, we played in the sea for quite a while. Quite a lot of stupid games lar...like Cai Quan all these...and played with each others hair...wen jun's hair can be quite seh btw. hahaz...stayed in the water then played a bit of beach v.ball again...then went back le...had our dinner at the hawker centre...and everyone was like hungry ghosts...ate a lot or maybe onli me lar...hahaz...then went harbour front shopping centre to walk walk....played air-hockey...was reallie fun...hahaz...then 'Xing Ren', Yayan and I(XYZ) bought a same Fila Tee...Seh siah...hahaz...alrite shall end here....guess dat's our last outing...Oh yeah sth to add on at the hawker centre, we sat at Table 62...cool rite...we din realise it till the stall vendor asked for our table no. lorh...siah...oh Xiu Ming was super lame...he did a lot of childish and stupid thing at the shopping centre...like arm wrestling with the stupid statue. CONFIRM ar..hahaz

*Censored Version

zuohou sixtwoedd at10:33 PM


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