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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

<From Seb>

(Thank you to Ming Xiu for dedicating that you all loved me during fac outing! MUAH! You can get a peck on the cheek from me when school re-opens.)

Hello 62! I really loved the bonding session with you all during the fac outing. For those who didn’t go.. sigh.. hahaha.. Since I usually don’t speak well in front of a crowd, I shall do what I’m best at – typing.

Today’s the last day for signing up for the council nominations, and I know some, or all of those interested had dropped the idea, but nevertheless, I shall try to persuade you all on this fun but arduous journey.

I know I might have petrified you all about the downs of council and campaigning, e.g. all the tiredness, stress, less time, academics will suffer (during council) and the speaking in front of a large crowd and doing funny stuff for the council nominees introduction.
(like fac outing, but less stupid).

Nevertheless, it will be a great experience just to run for council. You get to speak up to a whole large audience, overcoming your odds of like stage-fright or people-phobia. One year ago, I would have probably been just as shy and intimidated by all these. Really! I’m an introvert btw. All my secondary school teachers can testify to that. I was like probably one of the quietest kids around??? Hmms. Jam’s an introvert. So is Sirui, Ethel, Weiying (mgs), Wee Siang, probably Clara. Yu Zhong is an introvert too. Zuohou is one. & I suspect he is also INFJ, just like me, same personality. Joo Xiang is INFJ btw too. Yyan is an extrovert, probably ENFJ. Shaoning is maybe INTJ. ?? Cool.. Don’t understand what I’m talking about? I’ll show you my MBTI personality test results… Haha, if you don’t know MBTI, it is an international personality test!!!!!!!!!!! It’s damn fun.. You should try to find out your personality. I’ll explain your personality to you soon if you want to find out more about your personality.

Go!@ http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp for MBTI personality test!

INFJ. That’s what I am. Behind all that making funny noises (MNG), funny actions like pole-dancing at fac outing last year ( which was even filmed by Weiqi. :p), Jolin 72 transformations, shake-butt (which was filmed by PA/AVA, and Diyang(who showed it to a lot of people)) during council nomination introduction, deep inside I know I couldn’t have done all these if I had not decided to do the most ultimate stupidest thing called running for council.

I still remembered the agonising periods of thoughts and frustrations, dilemmas and stuff. All my classmates were apprehensive about council. You know, how much it will take away from your life, and how much life it will take away from you. Yupp. It was really horrible. Everyone told me about how bad and how irritating council life will be. It is really a very tiring and stressful 1 year ahead and it is the ultimate stupidest thing to do, because people labelled it as slavery for the school. Indeed, I will not have refuted, because the CS I had done last year was repeated this year as a council activity (CNY tuanbai on a Sunday. Ask Jason, Yenzhi for more details) Yupp. I was playing cards and ponning lectures last year when I got caught by Mr Pang & sent for this CS, which turns out to be a council thing this year.

I understand how afraid and unconvinced all of you are on joining council. I have been too. I didn’t want to join council after signing up because I dreaded the campaigning too. I was thinking… What was this stupid thing I had done? I don’t like to talk to people, and here I am, volunteering to speak to a crowd and doing funny things just to get votes.

Nevertheless, all the stupid things I had done were all for a cause. All the funny things ensued and I built a reputation shortly. It gave me a name in Hwa Chong. Suddenly, it seems like almost a thousand or probably even 2000 people know your name and the dreadful things you have done. Fame wasn’t my cup of tea. Embarrassment is the last thing I want. I wanted to dig a hole and just hide my head in it.

It was all so embarrassing. I really dare anyone just to follow in my footsteps. Ask any extroverted fun and bubbly people. I dare them. Nobody will, I think. Maybe they will do it for a sum of money, but not for free.

But what was I doing all these for?

It was all for a good cause. It was for a ticket. The price to pay for a chance to get into the most prestigious CCA in Hwa Chong, but more importantly, a ticket to self-discovery, learning and what I call, a journey of extreme education.

Really. People will awe you for doing the most amazing things. For example, CNA reportedly wanted to interview me and my fellow city-gate partner for the amazing city-gate. & look at all the MAF lights, centre-piece and all. People wonder, how on Earth do they do it? Some reply slavery, but not true, my dear. The sense of satisfaction is really too great and indescribable. You’ll learn more about yourself, about the meaning of what you are doing and why you are here.

Not for PEARLS points, since they are worth nothing in my eyes (as I think I’m going abroad for studies), and it’s of no value to you. Not for slavery for the school.

It’s all for myself. I wanted a change badly. I wanted myself to learn, to comprehend life and all its complications in the shortest time possible.

Yupp. & it’s really true. You learn about discipline, which will really help you A LOT in NS and workplace, like not being late. Punctuality, time management, tact in speech, humour, PR(personal relations) skills, confidence and many more.

No doubt that people will label you as slaves for the school, call you stupid idiots who are brainwashed by the school, and do all sorts of stupid things like staying back till late at night to stupid and dumb things which will be destroyed after showing to a crowd like MAF or CNY anyway, but it is the process of doing so which you will learn and definitely benefit yourself a long long long way to go. & those people whom you serve, the people who call you slaves for the school, will one day look back and say, hey, thanks for contributing to my welfare, even most of them never even appreciate it, but some people who got cut because of an accident and were tended by you for injuries will feel glad. Someone who wanted a bridge to be built because they don’t want to get caught in the rain at overhead bridge will appreciate your efforts. & those who love deserts will thank you for the change. Some people who need a PE t-shirt but can’t get it because no one was around. Or probably a carom board in need to rid that boredom? I feel happy when Shaun thanked me when I got the carom board for him.

No doubt you have to stay back long hours, can’t cope with your studies at certain periods of your Hwa Chong life, be mocked by your classmates, separated from class gatherings and junior class gatherings, & for the AEP people be even even busier with things, but ultimately it’s all for a good cause.

It’s all for yourself, if you ever wanted a change in how you work things and how you want your life to be. It’s really a challenge. It’s really something which will change your life, for the good and for the bad and for everything.

I really don’t want to see you all running for fun, (probably some of the other councillors wouldn’t mind) but I genuinely and sincerely want you to run, for the sake of yourself and that you want it because of passion of a change of life and because you want to do it just for yourself.

& cheers to a successful campaigning, because I will definitely want my juniors to succeed, since I think I’m one of the most successful applicants last year. People still remember all that I did and even though I didn’t promise to what they want – that is the Dance I/C, they still looked up to me for the things I had contributed to their welfare and that I had led them as a councillor.

Dance I/C. hee. You never knew I promised S6 that I’ll be their dance I/C and lead them will you? Haha. That’s another story. But so long, so forth, I want you to take part in this experience. It’s an experience of your life. You’ll change, that is, and its definitely for the better.

Dare to dream! Dare to take this challenge! For there is only one chance. & if you really are taking this challenge, do tell me for I must and definitely will try my best to make your dream come true, since I’m king at publicity. It’s never ever too late to sign up, till 30th March, so please, do be quick and give me a response.

yuzhong sixtwoedd at8:47 PM


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