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62 class cheer

six two six two tao-jit-mia*!
six two six two mo-tak-teng*!
tao-jit-mia, mo-tak-teng~
six two six two...

hokkien words & explanations

tao-jit-mia: 1st in everything
mo-tak-teng: unbeatable bao-ya: confirm win la! (=

photogenic 62

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jing ren.


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think of a class poll -_-

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

so swwwweeeeeeet of jeremy, jingren and zuohou!
time really passes so fast la!
will always rmber our class slippers,
enjoying free time during one special PW lesson,
playing vball at sentosa,
lunch together,
kbox outings
and so many more!
hahahah. thank you all for making my first 3 mths so memorable!
thanks a million naga for teaching ( corrupting) me with pool,hahaha and joox for playing with me that friday!
thanks huifen for lasting out with me for the stupid debate that we screwed up hahahaha.. ilu!
thanks jacob, paul, yuzhong, wenjun and jingren for playing chapteh with me! and putting up with my missed shots and the hand-slam! lol.
thanks kaiying for faithfully being a loanshark hahaha. din knew your hidden potential of ponning sch lol...
thanks levina, weiying and ethel for being such sweet and nice pple! baking stuff for the class on V-day!
thanks to jeremy and jingren for all the crap that makes me laugh!
thank you yayan for bring so much laughter with your bhb-ness and you eye-disappearing smile! :D:D
thanks clara for your easy-going and cute ways... hope to talk to you more hahahaha, rock on!
thanks baijie for your 200% efforts in all GP group work..
thanks so much weesiang for the 2 hours of slp your sacrificed at 11.30 pm to rush our econs!
thanks sirui, weiying, and meisiew for motivating the class to work harder! hahaha. we need pple like you guys to help stay on track! :)
thanks so much zuohou for being a wonderful CT rep! ahhaha. its always fun where you're the one to start the rule- breaking! hahaha. i'll always rmber your " pon la!" lol.
thanks so much samuel for being the cutest pooh in hwa chong! your shooting skills very zai! jiayou!
last but not least,
thanks to jan, mingxiu and yutian. you guys are amazing, and i dont know how to tell you that i appreciate your company, fun, laughter and crap! hahaha. stay artsy-fartsy!
i love 05s62 so much! every one of you made a big diff in my life!
pls if you can, come back class bench and visit often kaes!
loads of love... <33333333

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