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think of a class poll -_-

Monday, January 31, 2005

ya! i oso can't tag. dunno why.
...and tell everyone to vote lehz...otherwise those quiet ones wont get to voice their opinions. (am i talking about myself?? -_-)

iCe sixtwoedd at9:28 PM


=b the templates like don't fit the 'class' thing lorhs ahha.
i think change back to the old one! the old one is niceee!
and for some reason i cant seem to tag on the tagboard like i click tag on the tag button and whee! nothing happens!

*paul sixtwoedd at8:15 PM


hey guys. we have to submit the class blog on 4th of feb which is FOUR DAYS TIME!! so we should quickly decide on a blog skin that everyone (or most of us) thinks is nice. so i think we should do this through a poll. everyone please select one. and do it by 2nd of feb. here are a few skins..hope they are to your liking. we seriously have not much time left..thanks. please click on the links below to see the preview of the blog skin and vote at the poll located underneath the tagboard. thanks. (if u want to keep this or the previous one you can vote for that too...)

nike dunk
fallen angel
exercise book
simple me
blue winter
clover dream

iCe sixtwoedd at5:44 PM


Sunday, January 30, 2005

Ok, add on to the posts bout class outing.. some of the stuff is copy and paste from my blog so those who know my blog may see the same thing.. wun repeat what other ppl blog le, so will juz add on unmentioned stuff..

Paul borrowed my pink Von Dutch cap with polka dots cos he couldn't stand his hair, and looked damn gay with it.. lol.. then somehow, everyone started playing with it.. that nice to play meh.. (-_-!!)

At Heeren, all 13 of us there went to squeeze into 1 tiny Neoprint booth and take Neoprint.. wahlao, really no space lor.. was damn hot and stuffy inside, and a lot of pics got ppl get cut out.. still rem Joo Xiang suddenly stick his head in one pic, say take his hair can le, then it blocked Yutian's face.. Yutian was so pissed and kept complaining after that.. lol.. inside, we so squashed up, we screamed and made a lot of noise, I think all the outside ppl hear le and think we siao.. lol.. finally, after that, we learn our lesson, and took in batches

Also ah, let you guys know how nice I am to the class.. yesterday got Sly performing k, but I went for class outing instead, willingly, even though I wanted see Sly.. see how nice I am..

Anyway, this is Wei Ying (MGS)

miyuki sixtwoedd at10:07 PM


class outing on saturday was fun! :) and jingren nice job with the layout. totally wicked. :)
hmm heres an update on the class outing... was suppose to meet at 130 at our lao di fang but somehow everyone turned up late! haha..
we were off to have lunch at some jap place at cni basment[whats the name of the place arh?] and as usual, our conversations lapsed into a chaotic game of cai quan [fyi its the game that paul always loses..however the forfeits are to his advantage though, ya know what i mean]. our funky CT rep also taught us some finger-tapping-to-tune game that got all of us laughing our socks off :)

at three, we spent an annoyingly considerable amt of time at cni deciding what movie to watch or if we should even watch a movie. we decided not to watch the movie in the end.. i have no idea how we managed to roam around town killing 4hrs at hereen.
we ended up in the blue light place, crapping and talking and eating and telling fraky stories before we all went home :)

and sirui! upload the pics soon yea? :p

happy cny peeps!

raa sixtwoedd at9:02 PM


wooooh!! great job manz jingwen! very nice =) oh yeah, we're gonna win that blog thingy. haha.. but for now, i think we should start to get more pple to blog.
and pple, tml must update me on what happened (in detail) of the class outing. plz try to make the description sound less fun =(

the yayan sixtwoedd at7:56 PM


hey peeps new template! haha gif ur opinions!
i m not sure if dis is nicer den da previous one but it looks neater n mor classy in my opinion.
i spend quite long to edit da template n stuffs haha hope u all ll like da new backgrd (=

jingren sixtwoedd at6:46 PM


hihi from the house of Jacob. Class outin wuz pretty fun today and paul and me haf once again proved we own at everything (air hockey). Bandage wuz really nice and fun, the both of us jumped and rocked our socks off, met moz if not all the seniors there. oh well its gettin early and evan and me still need to jam so good morning everyone. (oh evans the crasher who pops by rather regularly if u din already noe) he insisted i put this down
evan and jake signin out

Jacob sixtwoedd at1:33 AM


Saturday, January 29, 2005

hey! how was the class outing today? what did u all do? took any neoprints? soooo gd!! and im stuck in a relative's house for the whole day. bleagh~

iCe sixtwoedd at10:19 PM


Thursday, January 27, 2005

*points down

true that.

*paul sixtwoedd at9:18 PM


yay class outing on sat..
meet at 1.30 at somerset mrt.
everyone try to make it horhs.

(eh jam there are one or two people who got full marks for econs cough cough)

*paul sixtwoedd at7:46 PM


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

yah, those who not blogging maybe can tag lar. so we know there r ppl reading...at least u all can see e tagboard lorz...i cant...-_- dunno y still. and i cant go tag-board.com. they say page cannot be displayed.
pigs can fly! coz paul told everyone to mug hard...he didnt tell himself =] omg im so lame.

yayan, type a first and last name under your profile lah. then can liaoz.

iCe sixtwoedd at9:40 PM


yoozie pple. to those who always read but dun blog.. plz blog! or else everytime same few pple posting one. that's bad. and jeremy, i tink you should not like ANNOUNCE it to the whole world that our class blog template was used by some other class right. doh.. just dun mention it wasnt original. :)

plz dun organise class outing this sat! hey.. u all shld spend more time at home with ur family u know? =) but if u all really want, come pulau ubin cycling! (or come visit me in the oh. haha) all other ideas are bad :P

and today. paul and zuohou cut their hair! haha.. pple. prepare for a great laugh tml. muahahhahaa =D

p.s. and i still cant believe paul actually told everyone to mug hard for econs test :S nope, pigs still cant fly, coz he din exactly study for it. right? haha

p.p.s. how to put my name. nvm. i am yayan =)

the yayan sixtwoedd at7:14 PM


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

wahs u despise filipino maids. wad if they want to play pool also? anyways i heard that the first econs test wont be so difficult...so...ermz..yays? hopefully.

"wad shit sandwhich erpserps sandwhich sandwhich erpserps sandwhichsandwhich sandwhich sandwhich erps erps erps erps erps.. ?"

hahahahahahas! paul dont know how to spell SANDWICH. omg. so sad. paste so many times summore. weesiang should have one buddy enough liaoz. shaoning or yayan or clara or huifen or something like that. gp is due tml...since we didnt hand in on mon =_= <--wow! i have double eyelids.

and the !@#$%^&* tagboard ish still down!!

iCe sixtwoedd at9:25 PM


eh my pics are so super seh anyway post pics is fun lorhs or not all text all the time very boring sias..whahhas..

everyone can make it or not? =) maybe we like meet at somerset mrt in the morning first or smthn lahs..those in oac..PON! WAHAS
den maybe before or after can go play poool at lucky plaza or smthn! yay lucky plaza has a super big pool place lahs and no one goes there only filipino maids..
want or nots? =)

erms i oso uploaded yayans sentosa pic lorhs..wah im damn enthu i feel so class-spiritie..
go mug econs test horhs..the marks tmr are counted in the CA..=b..mugmug hard!

jeremy you of course super quiet lahs only sometimes will tell some lame joke lahs.erps wad shit sandwhich erpserps sandwhich sandwhich erpserps sandwhichsandwhich sandwhich sandwhich erps erps erps erps erps.. ?

weexiang should have 10 buddies lah maybe..=b

also im too lazy to type captions can someone help me?

*paul sixtwoedd at8:20 PM


Monday, January 24, 2005

what!? i am quiet?!?! i didn't know tt.
yah paul! i dun tink there's a need to post ur pics on both class blog and ur own blog. =P but nvm lah i guess...at least it's not pictures of ty. ty! who's ty? hmmm...ty=thank you. or something else. and the dumb tagboard is still down after one day! and is the person who posted without a name yayan? pls put ur name k? even if u put papa yayan. oops.
and the s71 blog wasnt judged last year, so heng! we're fine! yays~
lets go orchard! orchard kbox. erps.

iCe sixtwoedd at10:03 PM


go pulau ubin cycle?
wahs sian lah later sunburn again..=b
i thouught got someone said wanna go orchard watch movieee..
think its yuzhong.
lets go orchard! orchard is gooood..=D

lol i where got ego lorhs..
i dont post photos of myself den post wad? photos of you arhs..

*paul sixtwoedd at9:59 PM


yeah.. agree that entries getting lesser and lesser. blog more!!
i think paul is damn ego. keep posting his own photos. think this blog will get closed down bcoz we have too much of his irritating face here.
zuohou, huifen and clara - better dun pon the orientation hike. at least huifen should not. coz cacofonix pple are so so fun! =) but if u pple really decide to have an outing (hope not), plz go to pulau ubin cycling. haha.. tml got 2.4 run during pe. good luck =D

the yayan sixtwoedd at9:31 PM


Hey peeps.
Erms da blog seems to b gettin colder dae by dae?
All busy wif work huh?
Haha some of u all really hafta chill a lil it's juz 1st 3 months la so yep
& wif da judging date juz round da corner haha we shld blog mor rite?
& i heard tt dis skin have been used by a snr class blog oreadi..
I still tink originality is da moz important.
So guys keep a lookout of cool blogskins?
& mebbe da html pros can try to make one if u haf time..

Anyway juz a brief update bout da buddy system..
For some reason i 4got all about it so dere's no buddy system 2dae.
For those who miss it it will resume tml.
To change buddies everyday is quite lame la it's like da buddies cant get along well.
So i haf decided tt da change of buddies 2 b carried out every 2 daes.
& da guys will draw tml so come early yea?
Since dere r mor gurls in our class dere will b 4 guys wif 2 buddies.
Dey wld b da quieter & shy ones so try to speak up mor if u dun wan 2 buddies.
So da 4 guys wif 2 buddies tml wld b: WEEXIANG, JEREMY, WENJUN, SAMUEL
Haha no offence la but i feel tt dese 4 are da quieter ones any objection?
to wrap up sit wif ur buddies during lectures, tutorials, talks etc n STICK to dem haha.

kk i ll stop here ciao.


jingren sixtwoedd at9:00 PM


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Free Image Hosting at <a href=

(click on the thumbnail for bigger pic..=))

*paul sixtwoedd at9:06 PM


hey pple, so our CNY booth how?
if im not wrong, our idea was rejected rite?
can someone verify?
if so....can we give inputs and come up with smthg?

ning sixtwoedd at2:32 PM


Saturday, January 22, 2005

i seriously think me and jake look damn alike sometimes lorhs..
so cny horhs, i think wenjuns house shld be able to contain all of us lah, but den may have to squeeze a bit only..not like we gonna sleep much anyways.=b
i was thinkin stayover on the weekend after cny, from sat to sun or fri to sun or fri to sat..
(ehs also depends on whether wenjuns parents allow us oso...)
got any suggestions people?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*paul sixtwoedd at9:28 PM


heys~im not very sure..thot some of us were talking abt having a stayover at wen jun's house during cny...then paul will always become very excited and say 'yah go his house! go his house!' and begin a long introduction on how big wen jun's house is. if really cannot then let's have a chalet!(with our angpow money. erps.) hahas. i think im crazy.

yah! we should seriously go to mr tan yang's house during cny.(remember to address teachers properly coz our blog will be read when assessed, rmb?) lol. then can erm...bring(26x2=52)oranges. and flood the house with them =D

i think fish and co is fine...just hopefully dont go somewhere expensive >_< is the 6th feb thingy confirmed? well, ttfn!

iCe sixtwoedd at6:39 PM


class outing was fun fun fun! :)
and we are having a stay over before cny? haha where? i dont think theres a place that can fit 26 pple and the next class outing we hv to make sure everyone goes!
:) we should take a trip down to tan yang's house during cny.
btw have you guys decided where to go for jts yet? im proposing fish and co.. but we have to set our budget first. haha.

raa sixtwoedd at6:24 PM


(jus ask sajc)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*paul sixtwoedd at1:03 PM


Yay! The 2nd class outing was a success! Thx to our wonderful organisers we had a superly fun day! Wah must thank my bro for his ingenious plan tt got me to Sentosa to join all of you guys! I can't imagine how much fun I would have missed out on if he hadn't thought of it! Yes it's like this. My mom wanted me to stay home n bake pineapple tarts with her so she din want to let me come oh how pathetic. Yes but my brilliant brother incited her to play mah jong with him so she wouldn't have a reason so keep me in! Whee!

Yep, when I got to the Harbour Front MRT station I was pleased to know tt Clara and Hui Fen were both fashionably late. Like me! We got to Siloso beach nice and dry in the scorching sun, but NOT FOR LONG!!! I got attacked by Shao Ning from the back and dragged into the water! RAH evil sea monster! Hah still cannot beat Hui Fen. She made a grand entrance into the water with the help of the guys! Right, since we were already wet, we joined the rest in kayaking while Joo Xiang went around capsizing us...

Lunch was at BK at the Ferry Terminal, so we had to catch a bus back to the beach. We hopped onto this cool open top bus and snapped lots of pix on it! We took an amazingly long time to take each one cos the bus kept swerving and goign ard bends and going up and going down and bouncing and bouncing. After a while, this other open top bus passed by and Joo Xiang and Zuo Hou decided to play the Yu Tian game (Point and stare!!!) with it's passangers. Yes they all scored a point each cos the AMs in the other bus turned n starrreeeeeddd.

When we got back, the dunking exercise started! Wheeee! First on the list was BeeKee, then Pei Jun, Janie, Yan Ting, Wai Ying (with a big struggle)! Rule no. 1, NO ONE escapes DRY!!! Rule no.2, you HAVE to get WET!!! We all ended up playing ball in the water which was v fun! :) Everytime some huge ship went past, big waves would start to come in and we kept riding them saying whooooooo~ Yay so fun!

We came out, dried off a bit then went o freeload at the cafe place thingy where they ahd free pool table and foosball! But poor me had to go or get slaughtered by my mom so I didn't stay for dinner! Fill me in!

Well, anyway the class outing was worth all of my bro's effort to get me there! Glad there every single one of u tt was there went! :) Luv u guys! -Jan...

Jan sixtwoedd at1:06 AM


Thursday, January 20, 2005

yays~hope tml there wont be a whole lot of people. someone plssssssssss remember to bring camera! i dont have a digital one. *sob*

iCe sixtwoedd at9:13 PM


i cant wait for sentosa!!!
EVERYONE pls try to make it ok!
and go at 9!!! :)
oh, and bring clothes to change/bathe. hahaha
ooooh. i cant wait ahhah. cya~

ning sixtwoedd at8:20 PM


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

hmm lets go pool tmr.. your welfare rep says so..
im plannin activities for the benefit for the class lorhs..so everyone listen to me and go pool..
err..den everyone must bring shirt horhs..i dont like century..i like bukit timah plazaa..=x

all those faill todays pe test must go home and pia horhs..stay back for one more period of pe sucks serious ass lahs..
im super pissed lah..i cant jump for nuts lorhs..do pullups oso no use one.
wow im enthukia everyday come home and post blogg..mus be more like me.

also friday is hari raya..so i suggest we have class outing horhs..now tentatively at SENTOSA..=D
sentosa is funnnnnn.....

suggest other things ok peopleee..
and i think dont want pool on friday lahs..=x must do diff stuff one.

*paul sixtwoedd at8:45 PM


Monday, January 17, 2005

just for ur info~

All Class Blogs will be judged between 21-23 Feb 05.
Judging Criteria includes
--->1. Content (eg. class spirit, frequency of entries, etc) <---
2. Design and Aesthetics
!!!--->3. Teachers' participation<---!!!!


iCe sixtwoedd at8:45 PM


yay..i come to pool and everyone leaves lah..
thx lorhs..
and btw one table is like 28$..den i only got 15$..cough cough.
i feel sad lorhs..
the chinese ao guy is this weird fat guy who keeps on cracking weirdo jokes..
and now i need to do some chinese play..
i shall perform with my amazin chinese skills.
ooo and the class is like 3 guys 10girls or something..
and look who takes chinese ao..-KI ZHI!!! AHHH!
and his cca in acs is...LIBRARY!!!!..O.O!!
pool is sian oso lorhs..i reach dere den everyone run away sia..
play with jooxiang is super sian lorhs..
always kanna trash lorhs.
all those more noob shld like stay back and let me play with dem..

btw tmr got pe sho must remember to bring pe hors.
den i tink its pull up and standing broad jump..so everyone quickly go pias.
shit lorh standing broad jump i sure fail one..SBJ SUCKS!

*paul sixtwoedd at8:25 PM


y0zz. yeah.. played pool lah. jeremy so early go home!!! still dare to ask us blog abt it.. grrrrr. the shirts there looks really disgusting. hahaa.. but the pool table there dun suit me. so i played lousily =X our welfare rep suggested going to sentosa for (another) class outing on friday.. ok with u pple?


the yayan sixtwoedd at8:18 PM


so did u guys go and play pool todae? blog abt it lah. hope ur enthusiasm dont die out so fast. and remember to complete ur maths tutorial 1 if u havent coz theres maths tutorial again tml. ttfn~

iCe sixtwoedd at8:12 PM


Sunday, January 16, 2005

ers can someone like post the timetable somewhere? cos i have like no idea tmr mus do whand oso if tmr want to go anywhere or smthn must wait for those prokias who take chinese ao level hors..
everyone go watch singapore vs indonesia!..
singapore1-0indonesia wahas.

*paul sixtwoedd at7:39 PM


well, the skin is done for now. pls give ur comments abt e colors..

iCe sixtwoedd at7:05 PM


hey ppl..
wa u all really super enthu about blogging haha..
one dae i tink at least 5 posted.
nvm tt's a great start,
hope tt u all can remain tt enthu thruout da 1st 3 months mwaha.

o ya i luv flag dae a lot oso..
but too bad i was too lazy to climb out of da bed grr.

& i hate physics,
mebbe i shld drop it.
summor dere's a 2hr-long tutorial from 1.20-3.20 tml if wen jun is nt bull-shiting..
da timetable is crazy nxt week man.
but we shld b able to find time for outings rite, fellow sixtwoers?
pool anyone?


jingren sixtwoedd at5:46 PM


hey! so sad. flag day! aft my first experience at flag day, i love flag day! but cannot go yesterday coz hav lep orientation. argh. not that it wasn't fun =] tutorials start next wk! *look of apprehension* hav u all finished ur maths and econs tutorial yet? yuzhong and i dont hav the econs tutorial...i hope someone was kind enuff to keep it for us...

iCe sixtwoedd at5:35 PM


wahhaha. so jan talked abt the CIP.
let me talk abt wad we did after the CIP. ^^
we were so sian dunno where to go so we went to Pastamania.
sat there for like... half an hour? or more.
waiting for EVAN THE CRASHER. ahhaha.
then uh.
took a looooong ride to orchard.
went to heeren. and mingxiu appeared for like. FIVE WHOLE MIN.
then decided to abandon us.
lol. then we slacked arnd heeren. then went to play pool at meridien.
yay! ive learnt how to play pool!!!!!
kudos to naga, zuohou and evan. lol.
lets play again! so fun!!!!! :D

ning sixtwoedd at5:10 PM


Quote " Found out later tt Wen Jun toured the entire country on MRT and Cab (rich kid la). We reported back 10 mins late to look like we v hard working and yes tt is the end of our flag day."

me rich meh...? "-.- take cab to rush to another place leh and i got lost lor... lost in this urban jungle wifw heartless pple unwilling to donate to the tsunami victims. Sho sad! Aniway , when is the next class outing?? Wah i am looking forward to it man.. sure damn fun one!! Are the seniors coming along? Lets discuss right nOw!!

Kenshin HimuraX sixtwoedd at5:07 PM


heys nice pics :p... really did enjoy our first class outing! (the gross gunk not included) hey whens our next one? and tsk how can so many of you all pon the cip thing? haha..maybe we can have a cip class thingie the next time :)


raa sixtwoedd at3:35 PM


Hey Peeps!Hope u all enjoyed our very first class outing as much as I did! We must have a second one soon ok! And hopefully those ppl who couldn't make it for the first outing can go for those to come. Sure won't regret one. Anyway, I was trying to attach the pix from class outing when everything I typed disappeared. How nice. So let's hope it doesn't happen again when I click tt button... Ok it did but I'm smart and I copied this message already. So this is the 3rd time I'm pasting it here. Blogger really rocks man...

K i just realised tt I have to use shutterfly to post pix, so I created a folder and I'm waiting for the dumb thing to load (It's been 15 mins) yaaawn. So, I shall crap! Yay! For the sake of those ppl who didn't go for the CIP Flag Day for Tsunami victims, this is what happened. We were supposed to meet at 7.30 at Woodlands Civics Centre which is vvv early for a place soo soo far away. So being blur in the morning, I made my first mistake. I mistook the bus interchange for the MRT station and I got pretty lost inside.

K for starters, Jing Ren (Karen) decided to pon on behalf of Ming Xiu cos he was too tired to wake up and Joo Xiang decided to pon too! So off we went to collect our cans.

After collection, we all jumped into the MRT to some other place cos Woodlands was pretty boring and it was starting to swarm with other collecters. So Shao Ning n I dropped off at Sembawang MRT while the guys went off to town.

Sembawang people are really sad lor. They all RAN past us. Literally. They RAN till they were like a mile away, then stopped and went like "phew!". Yeah and there was this woman who kept asking me if the collection was for Orphans when I told her like 10 thousand times tt it was Tsunami victims. Oh and my chinese got put to the test but I seriously think it failed la. This woman asked me which country was the funds going to. I said Asia she don understand and asked me to repeat in chinese. I was like... er... err.?? In the end she walked away :S yeah and I didn't know how to tell this lao uncle tt the funds were for Tsunami victims. How do u say tsunami in chinese??? Anyway I ended up saying "oh, gei zhong dao tsunami de di fang de ren" ahh rubbish!

After abt an hour or so we got really tired so we slacked ard for a while more then decided to go off. Found Naga n Zuo Hou at the MRT station and headed back to Woodlands. Had a hard time getting cash there cos we had competition from some other organisation tt had stickers! We didn't have any and people did prefer to get a sticker back rather than nothing! Being smart, we decided to ambush the people coming out from the buses at the interchange. Yep, more people running away from us.

Spent the last half hour eating n sitting ard at BK. Jacob and Paul came later, from Orchard (the hub of cash collection) with one-coin-full-dented-cans. Wow. Found out later tt Wen Jun toured the entire country on MRT and Cab (rich kid la). We reported back 10 mins late to look like we v hard working and yes tt is the end of our flag day. Oh and shutterfly is done with my pix so go see the outing pix k! this is the link...

Luv, Jan

Jan sixtwoedd at11:36 AM


wHo aRe u wayne?? Hmm...

Kenshin HimuraX sixtwoedd at10:49 AM


yoZ~ just cum in and say hi and to fiLLLLLL this up so that it looks lonGGGGG :s

waYne sixtwoedd at10:21 AM


Saturday, January 15, 2005

all finish maths tutorials ah.... wah die le..all so pro de... wan 10 MSn windows!! si liao ! time to fen shen!! (replicate)

Kenshin HimuraX sixtwoedd at10:43 PM


heys peeps :)
one impt question: have you all decided to invite tan yang yet?

raa sixtwoedd at10:37 PM


should go play pool some day as a class!!it is really very fun!!(",)

huifen sixtwoedd at10:32 PM


SO... my first post.... lame title eh? Post more on this class blog. BE more enthusiastic =P Eh regarding the class outing thingy .. we shd have more and the whole class shd participate in the outings.. wee xiang like quite loner leh. whose is his buddy ah?? He has a very low profile ..Ok thats it for me ... gonna post tomorrow =P =) -.- ^.^ .. Do i talk to much? =X

Kenshin HimuraX sixtwoedd at10:23 PM


eh we must have moooore CLASS OUTING!
so tmr we shld allll go and play pool!
or watch movieee!

*paul sixtwoedd at10:08 PM


hey hey this is ur admin jeremy here. this template is only temporary, till when i (and other admin) find other nicer skins. hope you all can post actively and make this a fun-filled 05s62 class blog!

iCe sixtwoedd at6:44 PM


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