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think of a class poll -_-

Sunday, February 27, 2005

hey guys..sorry for leavin early on friday and not going today. poor yayan! surely wont have perfect eyesight anymore after looking at naga's underwear. =x yup seb! as i told my mortal (PJ), it was great of you to write the messages to each and everyone of us...and thanks for telling me to eat more. the pot IS calling the kettle black. =D

anyways i dedicated a song to the class tomorrow, monday, 28th feb, results day, doomsday(wadeva) on 933FM, the program called xian ge ji yi. it starts at around 845pm or 9pm, and lasts until 11pm. its completely luck that your letter gets read out, so i hope mine does. please listen ok!! its sort of a class tribute. and i wrote quite a lot of names so if yours dont get read out, please dont mind...and if any seniors are reading it, please try to listen for it if you can! i dedicated to 04s62 too~ i signed off my letter as 'jeremy', so if you hear that its probably mine...

good luck for o levels! everything will turn out well.

iCe sixtwoedd at8:31 AM


Saturday, February 26, 2005

hey, first time blogging.. cool. anyway firstly.. i want to clarify one thing.. i did not kena zaogeng! zuohou is just bsing. lol. but yayan saw my butt or rather my briefs (tho she doesnt wanna admit it =p), no thanks to zuohou.. he was really high when we played pool. kept on "am-chioing". anyway just wanted to wish everybody the best of luck fer the O's results! i really enjoyed the time spent with all of u this past 2 months.. was a hell of a ride. i think u are all really nice, genuine and funky ppl and i hope that we will haf the chance to get know each other even better! pray that everyone would do well and that our class wont ever split up.. cheerios!! =)

naga sixtwoedd at11:56 PM


wah lao...how can u tarnish my mum's image? anyway, yesterday quite a lot of us pon x-country and went to town...starting was veri sian coz dunnoe why all of them sian diao wan....partly coz we are veri indecisive and everyone cannot come to a consensus. First we were at borders' coffee bean and crapping...after which we walked around then everyone become veri sian...then some wanna watch movie while some wanna play pool...in the end we all agreed to go play pool but clara n hui fen were wearing uniform so they had to watch white noise instead. Pool was quite fun lar...but i kept losing...and naga kena zaogeng coz his pants dropped. actuallie is i pull wan lar...din expect his pants to be dat loose...then we went esteller to haf our dinner...and as usual we would play cai quan and drink grossy stuff..and as usual again..yayan kept losing...climax of the day...me n hui fen play the stupid slapping hand game...hui fen missed my hand and hit the grossy stuff...and the soup spill all over....naga......initially we juz kept luffing later then we realised naga was missing...then we found him in the toilet washing up and changing...his actions were so fast dat we din even notice he go toilet and wash lar...

Subsequently, we went the blue light place again...der were onlie around 7 of us...me naga paul jingren huifen yayan and tze chong(another crasher from other klas)...and topic of the day: shit fart and urine...and we were luffing like mad...saying all these disgusting things..hahaz...

Alright i shall end here...good luck on monday!!!!

zuohou sixtwoedd at7:25 PM


*handsome's mother farts like mad.

*- names have been changed to protect the individuals privacy.

*paul sixtwoedd at7:13 PM


Thursday, February 24, 2005

THIS BLOG IS DEAD!! wahhh.. ok. u all better blog more ok. grrrr

today most of us went to send jooxiang off (finally). duno abt the others lah.. but me, huifen, ethel, weiying and naga ended going to paya lebar together, and we made a poster for joo xiang! =D it's NEON PINK, with the words "we love jooxiang, wo men yong yuan ai zhe ni, bon voyage". damn cool =) but joo xiang din even display it out. sad. anyway, the whole bunch of pple (i tink joo xiang is really popular) went to swensens to eat. super noisy lah.. and stupid paul concocted some disgusting mixture of chocolate malt ice cream + salt + pepper + chilli + duno what. we played the same game (cai quan) again, loser eat that. and i had to eat it twice!! oh my.. but in the end paul got a taste of his own creation. yeah.. =) den we went to see joo xiang off at the gate there. looking down from escalator quite woah.. coz there's really a lot of pple. i tink joo xiang's got more pple seeing him off than william hung. haha. i tink i wasnt really THAT sad. he went in quite fast, no chance to have the mood for crying. haiz..
to jooxiang: we will definitely miss u! thanks for all the laughter and fun u have brought to the class. and the great job on being our class orientation cheerleaders! =) please please come back to see us when u come back to singapore

ok. i really crap quite a lot liao. that's all. plz feel free to add in details.
ps. the sky train rides are cool. =)
pps. u pple have any plans for class outings before release of os results? please have something leh!!

the yayan sixtwoedd at10:26 PM



*paul sixtwoedd at8:53 PM


Monday, February 21, 2005

wa jingren! win then like that. erps. anyways the viewletpoll can cheat. jingren ownself find out den say others cheat. -_- here are the results if anyone is interested.

Naga-Hui Fen
1 vote

19 votes

Yu Zhong-Clara
2 votes

Yu Zhong-Janice
2 votes

2 votes

Paul-Wei Ying (mgs)
9 votes

Jacob-Ming Xiu
5 votes

Wee Siang-Mei Siew
2 votes

Wen Jun-Si Rui
9 votes

Jing Ren-Ya Yan
24 votes

Zuo Hou-Shao Ning
2 votes

Zuo Hou-Yu Tian
2 votes

iCe sixtwoedd at8:30 PM


hey peeps! For those who went to Wen Jun's house on Sunday, I hope u had fun! I had lots :) For those who didn't go, all I have to say about Wen Jun's house is 'Waa..' Yeah I think you know what I mean. Thanks to Zuo Hou and his planning committee, we had fun playing games :) The first game was this egg hunting thingy. They hid 20 eggs all over Wen Jun's house and I tell u, it's seriously not an easy game esp when u're in Wen Jun's house la. Yes and they hid eggs in the corniest places la! There was one under this wooden eagle's butt or smthing. Oh and Wen Jun's house has this weird tree tt has weird fruits tt look like the plastic eggs. Yes, they hid one with the fallen fruits. In the end, My group won!! Whee~ Oh and I forgot who's group found 0 eggs so they all had to do foreit n stuph. The funniest game was musical sofa! Haha corny la. We had a rule tt the long sofa can only hold 4/5 people and the smalls ones 3 so tt ppl wouldn't try to squeeze anywhere they could. Yeah and as usual, BeeKee zhong, along with Jason, and they had to pass some prawn cracker thingy using their mouths. (my cam died on friday :( Someone else took pix though...) And then alas we could not stand the sight of the blue, blue pool right beyond the towering glass windows, so we had dunking exercise as forfeit. Yes, once they started, all the guys ended up in the pool, some pushed in, some somersaulted in. When they all decided that they'd had enough fun, they dried themselves and dunked BeeKee (again) who was sleeping peacefully on the couch v near the pool. As their hunger for dunking people grew, they decided to prey on me, poor innocent me who was safeguarding their handphones for them! hah ok. Yep it was really fun :D While we played in the pool, the rest were upstairs playing mah jong n stuph. Wen Jun's house had LOTS of space for all of us! Went to Pizza Hut at Plaza Sing after that and met S60 at Cafe Cartel and S61 somewhere else. The food was really yummy and I felt like a pig after tt! Oh and elaine took this huge pile of salad that was like at least 15 cm tall cos it was for 5 peeps and u could only get one serving. Wah, really fufilling day :) JTS was a success :)

Jan sixtwoedd at7:39 PM


Sunday, February 20, 2005

erms poll taken down for now. ridiculous la it's seriously screwed.

anyway jts is over oreadi. i tink i will hate bread for at least 1-2 weeks larhh.

time to pia econs erps. shall stop here.

jingren sixtwoedd at10:59 PM


Saturday, February 19, 2005

this time next week, we'll know if we can stay in hci. let's hope most of us can stay!! my senior's class last year had only 2 pple not staying.. so there's hope! =) no matter what happens, i want to say i love 05s62!! you guys really rock, much more enthu and fun than my sec school classes also. =)

yah, and to talk abt dramafeste. i am very sorry to say i whacked a guy right in the face while trying to find a seat in the dark. =S so sorry to that whoever whom i whacked in the face. i think it was quite a hard whack. :P haha.. lazy to elaborate. but i luuurrrvvee apollo's play ending! quite *woah* but i was falling asleep at the end. -.- but nvm. quite worth it for $4.hehe

that's all. everybody must have a good time at wenjun's house tml yeah??? =) we can play soccer in his house's toilet and hockey in the kitchen right? haha (according to someone) :P oh yah, and mebbe can start discussing the topic for the next poll

the yayan sixtwoedd at6:48 PM


OMG i just wrote this whole long post and when i clicked publish post, nothing got published!?!? Wah rubbish! grrrr im going to cut it short now... K yes I was saying, thank u to everyone in class that took time off (and money to buy the tix) to come support me n watch the show! I know u all only managed to get standing tix and had to endure the dreadful guest performance:S so credit goes to you! I seriously think that the second song they sung was a very very good composition and all but the sweet potato thing really killed it all. And 3 songs was really too much for me. You should have seen the people sitting around me. Dying... Yes and Athena's performance was good! Was the best we've done so far, the closest we have gotten to perfect! Oh and in case you're wondering, the gross blood on my hand is a secret formula we chanced upon containing BBQ sauce from Macs. So in other words, after all my encounters with it, I'm going to puke the next time I go to KAP and smell BBQ sauce. How sickening. I used to love BBQ sauce like mad. For those who didn't go, these were the results: Out of about 8 awards, Athena won best script, Ares won best ensemble, and Apollo won everything else(I think). That includes best actor & actress, Best supporting actor& actress.. They earned it I should think. They did a great job though they grossly went over the time limit and some parts were pretty draggy. But they're acting was really good, every single one of them and the script was woaah! So I'm not surprised tt they won like everything. OH right before I forget, thank you for the flowers! They were v lovely :) K, hope everyone can come for JTS at WenJun's. I know nxt week got lotsa crap to study for ( I haven't studied this ENTIRE week!) but don't worry, we'll all face it together! YAy jia you ok?

Jan sixtwoedd at2:39 PM


Thursday, February 17, 2005

wow drama feste is super morbid..
artemis - girl does smthn i forgot
athena - crazy guy kills everyone.
ares - everyone kills themselves exept for freako woman
apollo - crazy guy kills everyone.

lets all go watch tmr! its damn nice..=D

*paul sixtwoedd at10:38 PM


heya pples!
JTS will be at wenjun's house okaes?
we all meet at two, at newton MRT station!
plsplspls try to make it horh!

ning sixtwoedd at9:47 PM


Time reallie flies huh? It has been about 2 months since we began our journey as 05S62. Certainly the journey so far has been a memorable and fun wan. O'level result is coming out very soon...a lot of us are sure worried abt our results. But cool it manz...u guys so piah..sure can get veri good result lar..No matter wad, we'll remember the times dat we've had together always huh?

Yes, these few days had been reallie hectic and today kena niaoed by mz lee lar...sian diao...tml we got debate against 6/8 and hope Yutian, Samuel (Pooh Bear) and Mei Siew will put on a good show. Next week we've got lotsa tests coming up but dun be too stressed lar...juz tests...relac relac...

BTW, JTS tis sunday..go wenjun's house and play some games then eat...finally can see his mansion..!!! hohoho

zuohou sixtwoedd at9:37 PM


Hey peeps! lets liven dis place up & make here a real home for us~o well da past few daes haf been really hectic. projects& projects, presentations & presentations, miss lee & miss lee. o god i feel so guilty.. da presentation 2dae was total crap man i wasnt prepared at all. I merely printed all da useless case studies w/o even going thru dem properly. grr & now we hafta redo & hand up a report by tml. thanks miss lee.

& yes da poll thing. stupid jeremy haha nv put himself in one of da options. so sly larh. but i tink it does liven dis place up a lil. actually da idea was from da 71 class blog (mwaha super zai class), dey haf a similar poll not long ago ahah. but i tink da voting is screwed up mwahaz i sense cheating.

guang ying shi jian, ri yue ru suo, zhuan yan jian, it's oreadi da 7th wk (or 8?)..sooo sadd larh da 1st 3 months is ending so sooonnn i juz hope most of us will remain in hc. juz wanna sae thanks 4 being such a fun & great bunch of peeps & 05s62 rawks da whole hci.


jingren sixtwoedd at6:26 PM


sian!! oh man.. this week is so so so so so tiring!!!! been surviving on coffee for the past few days.. grrr. next week there's like 3 tests (at least), and there's gp presentation and econs presentation and the tutorials!! wahhh.. i also duno how many tutorials am i lagging behind by. my mom was quite surprised that i reached home at abt 6 today. HAIZ.. oh yah, and this week we still have jts, plus my oac pre-camp stuff. they have one whole list of things including a flag and identity and duno what.. all by MONDAY!!!!!!!!!! WAHHHH. wad a sad life

pple, plz talk more leh. this blog is like super quiet loh.. everybody talks abt the poll IN SCHOOL, but nobody talks abt it here! or just post any crap you like lah. iyah..

oh yah.. good luck to janice for the drama fest performance =)

the yayan sixtwoedd at6:07 PM


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

heyz...just to update you all on our VBC thingies, (yes we took part in it in case some people didnt know~) our sales figures are one of the highest i think..not confirmed yet. but our profit is negative...!! grr. nvm, its the initial phase only and we are trying out everything. i suppose other groups are not better off too =P anyways. good luck for all of your econs reports. handing in tml!

iCe sixtwoedd at9:03 PM


wahas omg im at jakes house now with a bunch of people lah..some fat idiot - jingren some hyperactive kia and jake omg they dunno how to do the econs project wah laus super sian lahs..somemore today 2.4 run fail by 2 secs lah OMG OMG SIAN SHIT LAH damn napfa project mus go on thurs for one period omg wahha jeremyt shaoning make sure you all go home and pia the econs project ok..or not tmr sure die.

*paul sixtwoedd at5:52 PM


Monday, February 14, 2005

hihi. im here to warm up the blog since it seems the blog is goin to rot -_-'
firstly, happy valentines' day!!!
thanks to those of you who gave me the little gifts. i appreciate it! very nice. if im not wrong, assorted sweets pack from ethel and si rui, the ferrero(did i spell it correctly?) thingy from shaoning and janice, the chocolate stuff from levina and bai jie and the timeout bar+message from hui fen! did i miss out anyone? if yes tell me pls..
anyways, has anyone finished their econs report? hopefully none. =x jia you!

iCe sixtwoedd at9:36 PM


Saturday, February 12, 2005

wahh.. ok. firstly i want to say sorry for dampening the mood today during the farewell party. jooxiang sorry!! really hope u pple had fun in waiyin's house after i left!!

anyway, i'm still super sad over my loss. to those who werent there, i lost my camera, hp and money. it got stolen in the arcade. haiz.. =( i must scrimp and save to replace the camera and hp myself!!! pple, must remember to look out for ur bags when going out, esp in PS!!!! grrrr.. and thanks to everyone who tried to console me =)

last but not least.. SORRY PPLE (those at the farewell party)!!

the yayan sixtwoedd at10:57 PM


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dear all, this coming saturday we are holding a farewell party for Joo Xiang. We are meeting at 1 at somerset Mrt station (our usual place). We'll probably go party world or juz catch a movie. Subsequently, we'll meet the seniors for dinner then proceed to Wai Yin's house to stay over and party. I understand that some of ur cannot stay over. Actually quite a lot of ur. But i still hope ur can stay a little later since it's Saturday night and it maybe the last time ur are meeting Joo Xiang. So reallie hope to see u guys on Sat.

BTW, Happie CNY!!!! The CNY stall on Tuesday wasn't reallie successful coz the profit is onli around 60 bucks (a bit pathetic la) but i think u guys had a great time huh? Especially those who went to KBox. hee hee...

Please Help to Spread the MSG above and the details of the outing.

zuohou sixtwoedd at8:26 PM


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

HAPPY CNY!! wa im so zhai i posted this at 12am...lols. the kbox outing today was super fun!!!

iCe sixtwoedd at12:00 AM


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hey Peeps! Happy Chinese New Year! Hope u all enjoy the hols n good food :) Remember not to use words tt r bu ji li like louse pouse ok? Wish u all lotsa luck!

Jan sixtwoedd at10:38 PM


Hey s62! Hope you all enjoyed Chinese New Year celebrations at HC on CNY eve! Yup I must say you all did a great job setting up the street market stall... I'm very touched that you guys actually sang a song for me! (yong3 qi4 by Fish Leong). Thanks a lot! You guys are so creative and fun!

It's CNY eve and most of us will be having our reunion dinner today. Haha... looking forward to the sumptous food? It's the best time of year (to me at least) where we get to savour CNY goodies like bak kwa, pineapple tarts and so on. Enjoy visiting and collecting red packets! Oh... you all mustn't forget to take care ok? It's terrible to fall sick during the festive season! Spoils all the fun. Drink lots of water and eat plenty of mandarin oranges! They're yummy and rich in vitamin C.

Hmmm... will only see you people next monday! Shall miss you guys dearly during CNY!

Yup, just wanna say that I like this class a lot. All of you have your own talents and ideals. That's great! Keep up the wonderful class spirit!

-- Ms Lock :)

wanjun sixtwoedd at5:07 PM


Monday, February 07, 2005

Tomorrow please try to wear jeans/long pants, white top and bring a cap.

*paul sixtwoedd at8:18 PM


Sunday, February 06, 2005

hey hey! STJ rocks! Haha. Really really have to thank all the organizers, BeeKee, Ivan, Richard and esp Jing Min for opening her house for us to use! Also, thank you all seniors! You all rock! Yay! Amazing race was really fun! Must say tt my group members, Zuo Hou, Calvin and Julian are the best! We had fun, got damn tired and lost, and even came back fashionably late! Wheee~ But got to know all of them better. Sorry tt I'm a louse pouse at running fast :P Thanks for waiting patiently :) Hope you guys had a great time too!


Jan sixtwoedd at11:18 PM


STJ was REALLY x10 fun!!!!
thanks to beekee, jingmin, richard and ivan and albert!
amazing race was enjoyable!
we started off from jingmin's house in our groups!
first task was Broken Telephone...

den went off to Malcom park :)
and fed the mosquitoes.
AND played the kissing game hahaha.

next stop was fort canning!
im sure all of us ran EVERYWHERE looking for Richard telling us to look for Ivan who would tell us to look for Richard to solve clues... hiakhiak.
den we sang a song and threw stones (at no one in particular)

and we went to Ngee Ann City!
had roadblock, and verified that there were 5 sinks and 10 cubicles in crowded female toilets in B1 of Wisma.
then we did either Love or Lust to unsuspecting victims along the road...
perform to them to AA, or get them to hug/kiss you. :P

fifth stop was given a L.A.M.E. clue. hahaha.
protection fees anyone?
and we went House of Condom.
sought out Ivan and Richard.
eating macs ahhaha.
den had to get pple to buy us 1.
and one person had to get 5 pple to tell him (or her but him's generic) that he's sexy!
eugene passed very fast!
apparently jason had A lil' trouble... keeping up. haha.
i dunno abt other groups.

last stop was at Botanic Gardens!
hahaha. supposed to meet Beekee and Jingmin at Eco-lake.
den tried to catch roller-coasters with gelled hands.
YUMMY. ahaha.
den we went back to Jingmin's house!
had dinner and everyone did diff stuff after dat!
hahah. yeps.
so that was really fun! esp the running arnd lol.
:) :)
pple pls put up pics!!! <3333

ning sixtwoedd at10:46 PM


Hey everyone! Hope the weekend was a welcome source of respite from the drudgery of school life. Hmm... but I doubt that you guys dread school because your class seems so hip and happening most of the time! :) Always see you all smiling... that's great!

Anyway, I 'm taking this opportunity to remind you guys about what we are going to do during Econs tutorial on monday (7 feb) before all of us embark on our Chinese New Year celebrations for the rest of the week. During monday's tutorial I will be going through the last 2 MCQ questions under Unit 1.3 (Economic Systems). That will take about 5 minutes. Then Jingren and Yuzhong will present their newspaper article, just like what Bai Jie and Ethel did the other time. The presentation will take about 15-20 mins and I strongly encourage you guys to ask lots of questions related to the article Jingren and Yuzhong are about to discuss. The last 15-20 minutes will be spent playing the Bingo Game. I hope you all have faithfully studied the list of 40 Economics terms and chose 24 terms out of the 40 and wrote them on the empty boxes. More details about the game will be announced, so do come prepared for some fun! May we have fun and recap on the things we learnt so far in Econs!

Oh yes... you guys will be getting back your lecture quiz tomorrow during Econs lecture! Excited? :) The class generally did well, so I'm really happy for the effort all of you put in, though some of you claimed you didn't study. :S Give yourselves a pat on the back! I'll be passing Joo Xiang's script to someone in class (maybe Huifen since she's my hardworking Econs rep) so when you all see him please pass his test script to him. Help me send my warmest regards to him too! May he enjoy his time in Australia. Sigh.... so far 3 of my students (one from your class, one from 05S64 and another from 05S71) are leaving for Australia. Will miss them loads!

Yup... see you guys on monday! Keep the S62 spirit alive... :)

Regards, Miss Lock :)

wanjun sixtwoedd at2:22 PM


Saturday, February 05, 2005

y00z pple! wah.. yuzhong's entry damn nice. yeah!! i love 05s62. really really hope most, if not all of us can stay in hci, still as one class! and we must enjoy that amazing race thingy tml! =)

and we must take photos!! jooxiang nv come one lah.. how to take with him. and some more u (irritating) pple went to take neos wtithout me. *hmmrgh*

some suggested having class tee, slippers and caps. let's do it!! before o lvl results out. (oh man.. depressing topic) so let's organise it asap ok?! ooh, and kbox outing. and shopping outing (paul's idea)

cny what we gonna do? advertise? price? who buy the things? who do what? haven organise anything yet!! ct rep!!!!!!! *yells* oh yeah, and let's sell orange mcfizz instead of ice milo. much nicer, coz i hate ice milo. (that means i cant kup while selling =X)

cheers! =) amazing race abt 12 hrs away. woohoo~

the yayan sixtwoedd at11:54 PM


just a question...have we prepared the things we are selling at our CNY stall? if im not wrong...it's milo and malt candy right? and how are we going to do advertising on tues?

iCe sixtwoedd at10:10 PM


heyhey ok this is ur IT rep making his first post in this super cool blog. firstly i want to thank all those who helped out in making the blog..ppl like jingren, jeremy, janice, paul. hope i din miss out anyone.

only a few more weeks b4 the Os results are out..so let's cherish this time left together okay. this class simply rox la..with eccentric ppl like zuohou n uga-naga, hyper ppl like papaya-yan, muggers like clara, n let's not forget our very own walking bank--wen jun. =p im sure everyone of us wake up everyday to go to sch looking forward to be with the class.

okay..the class cny banner is done(i think). but how could u all bang seh yu tian n mingxiu and all go home. haha..okay they probably didnt did much of our help anyway but must stay to give some support wattt..tmr's yutian's birthday n we're celebrating her's n baijie's on mon riteee..right.

okay back to serious stuff. please BRING your IVLE login passwords on monday. we got to change the passwords in order to login IVLE from home. n if im not wrong there's an online survey to be completed by next next wk i think. so pls BRING hor. this is a frenly announcement brought to u by the IT rep.

hmm amazing race n stj tmr, hope more ppl go la. okay stay funkay ppl!

yuzhong sixtwoedd at6:42 PM


When You Lonely You Will Think Of Who
- brought to you by janice of Erps 9.62 FM

When you lonely you will think of who?
Do you want me to accompany you?
Your happy and your sad,
Only I understand.
Please let me accompany you!

Jan sixtwoedd at6:13 PM


Friday, February 04, 2005

plzzz..dat rgs gal is too nice to be put on the blog. can someone take dat down? and ya...i think the blog is much better compared with the previous wan. good effort..!!

thanz Miss Lock for posting on our blog. honestly, u're a veri nice teacher...juz dat we always make too much noise during lessons...so sorry...hope u dun mind

We should take more pictures everyday since we are so photogenic. There are just too mani yandaos and chio bus in this class. Anyway, jx is leaving very soon. It's quite sad thinking of dat.so we should take more pictures of him, don't you all think so?

There are so many events coming up...so exciting!!! first is the amazing race and STJ, CNY street market (everyone muz try ur best to help out at the stall, jobs will be given to u), next class outing and farewell party for JX. Everyone is looking forward for these days to come and hope each and everyone of ur will have a great time ahead...love you all!!

zuohou sixtwoedd at11:36 PM


Thursday, February 03, 2005


zuohou, da most photogenic rgs gurl in 05s62.

naga? nerd? dere seem to b no link but yes he's nerdy in dis pic.

jingren sixtwoedd at11:11 PM


Hey people! Miss Lock Wan Jun here! Your beloved Econs tutor!! Wow... the class blog is cool! Lots of great class photos... keep up the good work! :)

It has been a memorable three weeks. I should say that this class is made up of students with diverse personalities. Some of you are quiet while others are more outspoken. It's a good mix! I hope you all have gotten used to me because I will be taking you guys till May 2005! By hook or by crook you guys have to bear with me! I understand that the way I conduct my tutorials may not suit the learning style of some of you. Don't worry! I did not ask you all to indicate how you all would like me to conduct tutorials on the first lesson for nothing. Time and again I look at your list of expectations of me as a tutor and I try my best to adopt a variety of teaching methods so that all of you can get the maximum benefit out of Econs tutorials. Look out for more group discussions in the upcoming tutorials! I will be giving you all ample opportunities to discuss problems with your friends and discuss them in class. Every week two different students will present a newspaper article related to what is currently covered in your lectures. This is to help you all relate what you learn in real world issues and realise that sometimes, what works in theory doesn't work in reality.

If you all have any doubts feel free to approach me.. though I was born in the Year of the Tiger I'm not as fierce as a mu lao hu (tigress) In fact I'll be more than happy to answer whatever questions you ask me, be it related to Econs or other stuff... I was an ex-Hwa Chongian so I have a wealth of experiences behind me! I was the vice-president of harmonica band and treasurer of first aid club. I joined props for huang cheng during my first three months because my friends were there. For those currently in huang cheng all the best! I believe you all will treasure the wonderful memories. Glad to know that there are many talents in this class and I believe you all will eventually succeed in life. My favourite quote is Things Turn Out The Best For Those Who Make The Best Out Of The Way Things Turn Out. With determination and diligence, a bright future lies ahead!! But remember to play hard too... otherwise life becomes too boring!

Yup... may we spend more happy times in the months ahead! I love you guys :) Take care!!!

wanjun sixtwoedd at10:18 PM


heyoz pple!!~ just uploaded the photos i took for these 2 days. abt 80+ you know!? cool man.. photogenic class =) and we officially have 2 radio stations in the class!! and hahaa.. mebbe we can post up the songs? shall get dj of erps 96.2 FM to blog abt it. so far my fav song on that station is 1985! :D haha.. pple please come and sign up as 26.9 FM listener! we only have 2 so far =( thanks ethel and sirui! =P somehow, i think here cannot post chinese? at least for my com.. so too bad pple. request for it on dedications to heard it. haha.. kbox!!

and i just realised how bad i am. fashion parade for 1 week. let's hope the teacher judging wont catch me for that. :S but i still love dunman! =) so far.. i tink dunman still the best. but mrs koh said i look lian in that.. wah! that's so so so bad loh.. ( i don't mean mrs koh is bad) i'm supposed to be guai!!! wah...

and the banner is super cool! great efficiency man.. although i did nothing much =X haha.. but the paint smells like sh*t. serious.. go smell it tml. and pple, check out the TOOOOOOOT naga photos in the album! hahahahahahha.. really funny. jingren.. put that as the BIGGEST photo in the blog! :D

and sorry pple, if u all keep seeing my face in the photo albums. as i was looking through it, i also realised i'm quite zi lian kuang. keep seeing my face! hahahaha.. but i'm sure it'll give us a higher chance of winning the blog com! =P

debates pple must work hard. the rest who's not taking part, must whack the opponent class like siao in the crossfire (?) section tml. 05s62 all the way!

btw, thanks seniors for the swweeett note on the board =)

the yayan sixtwoedd at10:12 PM


judging is tml!!!
hahaha. yay!
i love de template. pics layout so nice!
post up NAGA-THE-NERD's pic!!!!
aniwae. lets hope debate isnt gonna be tt screwed up.
luff y'all!

ning sixtwoedd at10:02 PM


Hey fellow 62ers keep da blog alive man! It wld b great wif everybody post an entry everydae. Tt's not impossible rite! wif our super duper unity haha. Anyway juz a brief entry on wad happened 2dae.

Da 1st interesting thing tt happened in da morning was when yayan & huifen appeared in RV uniforms. They look so like nurses! haha. We shld change uniforms mor often & take mor pix since da whole class is so photogenic..hehz. Den after tt da lep peeps left for lessons & da rest went for tt super sian chinese history talk. I slept thru it la (as usual)... After tt we went for da chem lecture, surprisingly i was able to follow thruout da lecture. n so sad it's tt chem teacher's laz lecture.. sobz lolx. She was kind 2dae eh she released us early, mebbe she's not tt bad afterall.

After da longer-than-usual break we went for gp lesson. God i was so hungry, as usual la lolz. & during da slackish pw lesson zuohou put on rgs uniform! so hilarious. & we sang so much during tt two period break tt da teacher from nxt door came in to warn us haha. & our class can sing very well! We all luv singing, dont we? haha find a dae & we go kbox for outing la haha.

Soon da dae ended n most of us stayed back for stuffs like debate & painting da class banner. Da class banner looks very cool eh. & we were like crapping dere about our eye candies. (grr my taste is not bad k haha). den we paint till 7 liddat b4 heading home.

wad a long dae! rest well peeps..

& we better win da blog thing (=

jingren sixtwoedd at8:46 PM


quote of e day--
"if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." miss lock, our econs tutor.
hey! tomorrow we're goin to hand up our blog...and tomorrow's the debate! although GP is first thing tomorrow and although the debaters had very little time to prepare, but i'm sure you guys will do a good job! and beat the opponent class...whoever it is...i have no idea lol. we'll all be supporting u guys tml. jia you k~? and don't forget us people who are taking part in the VBC now...hahaz.

iCe sixtwoedd at7:55 PM


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

hmms anyone want the orientation video?
the orientation video is verrry goood. it shows two super seh people dancing for like 15secs!!
ers someone suggested going out this sat..anyone up to that?
remember to finish the gp essay thing also...

*paul sixtwoedd at6:48 PM


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

its 1st of feb today! time really passes so fast. it's been about a month since our class got together. still remember clearly how those 4K who came to HCI met at the bus stop on the first day of school. was really nervous then. hahas. now a month has passed! it seems just a few days ago when we were still painting the class flag at school. soon in about a month's time we are going to get back our O level results...i look forward to it yet feel nervous at the same time..lols.what about you guys? i hope nobody leaves....sigh. it seems almost inevitable.

iCe sixtwoedd at8:03 PM


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