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six two six two tao-jit-mia*!
six two six two mo-tak-teng*!
tao-jit-mia, mo-tak-teng~
six two six two...

hokkien words & explanations

tao-jit-mia: 1st in everything
mo-tak-teng: unbeatable bao-ya: confirm win la! (=

photogenic 62

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think of a class poll -_-

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

hey beloved 62ers. i was dropping by da class blog and i decided to drop a short entry to remind u all of my presence!

so how's school?
& how's da 2nd intake?

i wanna see all of u in da new uniforms~ mwaha. take pictures n put it up k?
& i m buying da ugly aj uniforms (nj top + acs pants) tml grr.

ok day by day i m getting used to aj life.
i haf 6 chinese high peeps in my class to accompany me.. so it isnt tt bad.

but my classmates are so cold.
well..u noe, dey din even say hi when dey see u.
& when u say hi to dem dey gif u that cold stare.

but i m sure as time goes by we will become closer. like how 62 is now.
miss u all! hope to see all of ya soon.

jingren sixtwoedd at9:29 PM


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

hey peeps! Took the bus back with Clara from Beauty World today and we were talking about stuff.. Yeah just realised that my first impressions of many of you were wrong. Glaringly wrong. First impressions can be really misleading. It can blind you to the point that you'll never be able appreciate a person. If I had a second chance, I'd go back and undo all the damage done. Of course, I can't, so I guess I'd have to live without ever knowing how it would have been if I hadn't been wrong about you at the start. Oh well, that's a lesson for me to learn. I'll live with the toll it's taken on me.

To my dear 62ers who have left Hwa Chong, please do come back lots! We never did say goodbye. You're always welcome to visit, any time, any day, any uniform, any country. You'll always be a 62er! That's a fact you'll never be able to change as long as I and you will remember.

To our new 62ers, Welcome!! Don't really know you all well yet but I'm sure I will in time to come. Oh and for your benefit, this is Janice here, 'handsome' is Zuo Hou *ahem*, 'Xx Yayan' is yayan duh, and 'ice' is Jeremy. Yep. See you all in school tomorrow when we'll have our first lesson together..

Jan sixtwoedd at6:44 PM


Monday, March 28, 2005

Say Goodbye

In the years to come,
will you think about these moments that we shared
In the years to come,
are you gonna think it over, and how we lived each day with no regrets
Nothing lasts forever, though we want it to
the road ahead holds different dreams for me and you

Sometimes goodbye though it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye though it hurts
is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say,
I miss your love in every way,
So say goodbye, but don't you cry,
because true love never dies.

In a year from now,
maybe there'll be things we wish we'd never said
In a year from now,
maybe we'll see each other, standing on the same street corner,
no regrets
Each and every ending's always written in the start,
If only I could stop the world, I'd make this last

Sometimes goodbye though it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye though it hurts
is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say,
I miss your love in every way,
So say goodbye, but don't you cry,
because true love never dies.

And when you need my arms to run into,
I'll comfort you, nothing will ever change the way I feel

Sometimes goodbye though it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye though it hurts
is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say,
I miss your love in every way,
So say goodbye, but don't you cry,
because true love never dies.

this song is dedicated to everyone in 05s62. i think the lyrics really show how i feel. i really really miss everyone who's not in the class now.. school just seems different without u all. i'll never forget the past 2+ months. thanks for all the fun. laughter. friendship. 05s62 1st intakers~ u pple simply rock. i love everyone of u!! friends forever~

*i typed the lyrics out myself lah.. so if got anything wrong, that's just too bad. :P*

the yayan sixtwoedd at9:23 PM


hi guys.. its been a some time since i left HCI... life has been quite dull and different without u guys. Aniway all da best in HCI! Will never forget the times i had sepnt with u guys for da 1st 3 mths..='(

Kenshin HimuraX sixtwoedd at7:55 PM


hows school?
i came back to hc today at 6.45 but everyone was gone. sigh.
i love you all.

*paul sixtwoedd at7:35 PM


Saturday, March 26, 2005

There's a time and place, for everything.
There's a reason why, certain people meet.
There's a destination, for everyone.
What's the explanation, when we're done?

All the summer nights spent wondering;
So many questions asked, but no one's answering.
Would it be okay if I left today?
Took my chances on what you said was wrong?

I'm jaded, stupid, and wreckless.
Not sorry, and I'll never regret.
These months spent, so faded and wreckless.
Not sorry, and I'll never regret these months.
I'll never regret these months.

Now here i sit, so far away.
Remembering all our memories.
Its times like these that I miss you most,
Remembering when we were so close.

I'm jaded, stupid, and wreckless.
Not sorry, we'll never regret.
These months spent, so faded and wreckless.
Not sorry, and I'll never regret these months.

We'll never forget the places we've been, you and i.
Our lives are slipping away.
Don't want to let time pass us by...

I'm jaded, stupid, and wreckless.
Not sorry, and I'll never regret.
These years.......spent, so faded and wreckless,
Not sorry, and I'll never regret these months.

------------- MEST: Jaded ( these years)

i love you guys.

ning sixtwoedd at11:52 PM


Heyy just wanna thank everybody for celebrating my birthday with me and for the presents too. It was a nice surprise haha didn’t quite expect it la. Eh thanks wee siang for buying the cake..which reminds me, come zuohou’s bday we should smack the whole cake on his face la..=p

Haha okay class outing was super fun la. There was like free flow of food (and drinks of cuz) in naga’s house! I think we just couldn’t stop eating n drinking la. Haha many thanks to naga n his mum. we had bbq la then naga's maid made this super delicious potato with cheese dish thingy. mm then xiuming was laming arnd asking ppl if they eat la4(chili) haha. uh then 5 of us stayed over (me, paul, jacob, jingren, wenjun n xiuming) and we played pool n mahjong. Oh n naga’s dog is damn cute la though some ppl (shall not mention names) were quite freaked out by it haha. oh ya his house got a basement, then his fridge is actually those kitchen cabinets la super unique. For those who didn’t go..dont worry im sure we’ll go there again..for class chalet..right naga? Right.

To those who are leaving us..we will always rmb u. I guess parting is real difficult but let’s not be too sad abt it..watever jc you’re in im sure you ppl will still do well..jiayou! from time to time do rmb the times we spent together okay! Gd luck!

yuzhong sixtwoedd at9:48 PM


Thursday, March 24, 2005

ello decided to post here since we'll be sayin goodbye to some peep
Firstly to my brother from a nother mother: sorrie cldn't help much with ur appeal shit, it's been great to have u arnd the past 3 months, i thot the 6 of us cld be together again larh but den again we've seen each other for 4 years liao lol. It's goina be different without u around cuz it'll be super quiet, i wun haf anione to pon lessons with plus i'll be even more stone than usual. Hope u liked my lil olympic games evening juz now that we competed in till 7 haha it wuz lame but we had fun larh plus i realised i am deadli over short distances lol aniwae gd luck with wherever u goin rawk on
we ride together-we die together-bad boys for life~
To Wenjun: Dude u are one Big Friendly Giant. a lil retarded too but i'm cool with that. You've made me realised that Acs still has nice guyz and uve entertained and (bored me at other times) with ur talk abt gundam plus i manage to catch last exile on central it's pretty cool though i dun understand anithing. Hope u make it in Tj and it wuz great makin aquaintances with ya. chill

To jingren: kao i think u r the biggest idiot larh get 6 points den get 10 in the end but still it wuz great to haf been able to be classmates with u for another 3 months it'll be diff without u creatin a din or tryin to amuse the girls with ur antics. Gd luck in aj yea

To the girls : hey never realli got to noe ani of u so juz wishin u all best of luck wherever ur goin

Jacob sixtwoedd at10:04 PM


Hey, what's your name?

Do you still remember? These were the very first words I said to you. You're going to hear this a lot in the next week, and perhaps the rest of your life. But I've got just one request. Please remember how this sounded coming from me. Then, I'll remember your name forever.

Jan sixtwoedd at8:17 PM


Hi,this is BaiJie.Haha,I like this kind of PW.We can surf the net freely.And the woman is sitting there like a statue...

the yayan sixtwoedd at1:58 PM


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

AAAAHHHH.......!!!!! I believe things dun always turn out the way we expect it to be....we must learn to strong...accept setbacks...yes, i'm sad...everyone's sad....hang on manz....time will wash away the blues...

SA a lot of chio bus and yandaos...!!!!! so shiok lar.....too bad no orientation all talks.....

zuohou sixtwoedd at9:17 PM


hey ppl!

i miss u all!

i miss 62.

i miss da class bench.

i miss hwa chong.

one dae feels like forever la omg.

aj orientation is SO SIAN oso omg.

anyway cheer up k heard tt dere r ppl who cried todae.

will visit hci soon.

jingren sixtwoedd at7:56 PM


Saturday, March 19, 2005

ok. i have a few points to make. sorry lah.. the tagboard will be flooded by the time i finish. so i'm making an entry =)

jingren: ur entry is not the best loh. not informative at all. bleahz~ and i'm also so enthu loh. grrrrr. and i'm not greedy. the auntie will look at the person before she put the choc. when she look at me *blinks* OBVIOUSLY she will put too much. i cant help it. i'm born like this :P so i'm not greedy lah.

janice: wahhhh!!! my shoulders are super burnt! shit lah... i'm wincing when i rub against lah. cannot even sling my bag across. urgh.and yeah~ i got my new cam. we can take photos liao! (provided my mom allows it to be in my hands :S)

pple. let's go out for one last outing (really last) next mon or tue before the posting is out or before we go check our posting (coz there's prob a HUGE jam on tue lah) go to the blue light place again! :)

the yayan sixtwoedd at8:38 PM


Hah yesterday's outing was really fun! Can safely say tt I didn't regret coming! And Yayan, OMG! I have tan lines too! That is SO wrong! Anyway, it was great escaping from home to see you guys! Was really glad to have u all around me yesterday :) Thank you, Zuo Hou, Naga, Ya Yan, Jing Ren, Yu Zhong, Xiu Ming (haha crasher..), Wen Jun, Paul & Jacob! You were all great company :) Pity my cam is dead ( it has been since Dramafeste night when I dropped it on the floor :( ) Would have loved to get some shots..

K to those ppl at Huang Cheng, it's a pity U all couldn't come but I have to congratulate you all on a job well done! I went to watch yesterday and AH I'm super impressed by the props and lightings n lots more. Congrats!

Ok let me tell you all about the stupid thing I did. While I was rushing to go to Sentosa at like 11 something, I forgot to bring my huang cheng tickets!!! AH! I didn't realise till I was in the MRT, and ALREADY LATE for the show. Anyway, Kailing our dear lovely senior helped me get in :) Yay! Thank you Kailing :) Oh and Ethel, this is why I was trying to call you :P Anyway, hope the Huang Cheng people had fun and the people going to watch Huang Cheng enjoys it. Jia you k? Only one night left to go..

Yep cya guys on Monday :)

Jan sixtwoedd at4:39 PM


ok 2 haf blogged about ytd's outing i shall make dis post da best of da 3 mwaha.

ok i was super tired in da morning. slept at 2 (thanks to xiuming) n had 2 wake up at 7+ da nxt morning la. to my surprise most of us arrived on time except paul. he super meng la pia lan n his new x-box till 6 in da morning b4 falling aslp. in da end he woke up onli at 9.20 (when we were sposed to meet at 9) but he PIA CAB down to harbour front la super enthu like me who went for every outings so far. i tink janice is another super enthu kia haha. she told a white lie juz 2 come for da outing. & she has huang cheng after tt oso la. those who nv go ytd..are u feeling guilty now? haha kidding. altho less than 1/3 of da class went but we had fun alrite.

we reached sentosa at about 11 (rite?) & saw some familiar faces playin bball at da 1/2 bball court. den we put down our bags n joined in. wa i tink our team was da proest dere. naga was scoring for fun & nobody dared to get near zuohou mwaha. after tt we went to plae a lil vball. nt tt fun tho wif onli 6-7 peeps, most of da time we were picking up da ball rather den hitting dem. & da vball is damn hard la. yep. soon yuzhong arrived wif our lunch & a super lame n farnie crasher haha.

we ate lunch & hang ard. soon jan arrived after successfully escaping from home haha. den we made every1 wet b4 setting off to kayak. ok yayan was super forgetful la still wear white in da end i had to sacrifice my shirt. muz wash it super thoroughly nw since it is super dirty n smelly cos she 5 daes nv bathe mwaha. we went to kayak n i gt a wrong partner la. n i had a tough time kayaking haha. noob la but i tink my standard is still better den da 2-star-certified-kayakers. mwaha. after tt we went to plae some lame games in da sea. as usual we played cai quan n tot of some stupid forfeits. xiuming da crasher lost n had 2 join a grp of strangers for a game of monkey. i tink he had fun la tt was nt a proper forfeit.

after tt we went to plae mor vball b4 going off to wash up n change. everybody was chao ta n red then. den we proceed to eat at da harbour front food court. da choco peanut ice kachang super nice rite! haha yayan's one was too sweet cos being her usual greedy self she called da auntie to put too much choco la. to me it's still da trademark dish at da food court ahaha. after a heavy dinner we went off to da harbour front shoppin centre to walk abt. wen jun was still craving for food n xiuming was making fun of almost everything he saw dere except himself. den we went to da arcade dere to plae air hockey. kao i keep losing la den zuohou won all ahaha. den da white thing for hitting da thing (ok i dono wad are those things called) kept flying off ahaha. after tt xyz went to buy dis super seh white fila shirt. super super cheap onli ten bucks.

ok mebbe dis wont b our laz outing but certainly one of da more memorable ones.

ok i shall end here cya all on mondae.

jingren sixtwoedd at12:54 PM


Friday, March 18, 2005

heyoz pple~! i love sentosa!! super fun today.. although i got super ugly tan lines now. it's real bad.. wahhh. but not as bad as jingren and zuohou. zuohou is like REALLY chao ta, and jingren like lobster like that. haha.. and to those pple who din go coz of some "special" reasons.. well. read on, and plz regret that u din go today. but zuohou, ur lang arh.. abit vulgar. plz try to edit ok.. relax. we still had fun today as a small group! =)

ok. first of all. i got a shock last night, coz zuohou informed me i'm the only girl confirmed going. grrrr.. AGAIN! but it doesnt matters, coz guys also very little. haha.. ok. stupid paul played too much com games the night before, and was super late. i tink we waited for him for abt 1 hour. (more for me coz i'm early :P) so we went to sentosa.. played bball. wah.. the court is damn weird. i keep shooting airballs. dun believe zuohou's entry. i was like standing at the side, ready to receive balls and shoot air balls. -.-" i din score lah.. i tink only 4 pts. urgh.. den i played super lousy beach vball too. den walked to "lao di fang" (that green band place) we took the same court! =D really lousy.. i tink only jingren managed to hit most of the balls. hehe..sorry! den.. um.. yu zhong came with xiuming (a super lame guy. abt the same frequency as jingren lah) haha.. ate chicken rice. den jacob cut his foot. (looks real gross)

den we waited for jan before going to kayak. den i was thrown into the water, but i was wearing white! wah lao.. forgot lah. shit, den had to wear jingren's dark blue/ black shirt. eekz.. den we kayak kayak. damn fun! =) at first, we kayak from one "island" to the other, den after that started our usual capsizing stuffs lah. wenjun.. seriously lah! he capsize, got up onto the kayak, den his kayak will shun bian capsize again on the other side. haha.. quite hilarious! =D *sorry* but then i also got capsize lah.. den cannot climb up. urgh.. the way i got up super not glamorous. and naga got abrasion on his leg lah. oopz.. sorry. oh yah, den got one time, we were nice and decided to bring zuohou along on our kayak coz janice refused to let him on the kayak (under our instigation :P).. den he capsized our kayak! wah.. den i was trapped underneath, abt to get up on one side, den naga pulled me back on the other side. so i was like stuggling underneath.. damn scary. urgh.. swallowed duno how much mouthful of water loh. :S in the end, me, naga, zuohou and jan raft up and sang stupid campfire songs. (hands up, palms together, elbows together... ;) )

den we played in the sea.. quite a dumb and fun time. haha.. we played cai quan. and xiuming had to go to this unknown group to play monkey with them. hoho! den we learnt the "duck call", den we did lots of splashing/ slamming. den we did lots of hair styling. haha.. fun~ went up, played abit of beach vball, den went at 5+. coz wenjun kept rushing us off to go wash up and go eat! *raise eyebrow* but the toilet was super crowded. me and jan walk here walk there, in the end we bathed outside, and went to some cubicle to change. urgh.

we went harbourfront hawker centre eat. wah.. the guys like pigs lah! eat so much.. haiyoooh. the choc peanut ice kachang not bad (jr's recommendation). but too sweet! :S zuohou and naga ate rice, noodles, carrot cake (zuohou + one more ice kachang, naga ate extra serving of noodles). the others quite normal, except, they ate carrot cake too. PIGS!!! @.@ den went the shopping centre to walk around. played air hockey.. fun! zuohou damn lame.. keep faking. haha.. oh. and own goals. and i kept whacking jr that handle thing off. ooopzzz.. hehe. :P oooh.. den i bought the fila shirt. heeee.

and pple. stop saying wad last class outing.. we must still have class outings!!!!! and i'm sure most of us can stay one. dun worry =) 05s62 forever. friends forever!

the yayan sixtwoedd at11:34 PM


Oooo...aaarrr...i look like a malay now....chao tar....and jingren looks like a roasted chicken.....hahaz....thanz for those who came down to sentosa today...especially janice and naga, u noe janice reallie made so much effort juz to turn up for the outing? her enthusiasm awes me..hahaz...and naga was sick. Nevertheless he came for the outing. For those who can come but dun wanna come and those who put aeroplane...i shall say no more. I do not noe how mani read my previous post....i'm veri upset initially with the turn up...but i tell myself it's okie...

I had great time anyway...we met some of our ex-schoolmates and played bball with them...and we managed to beat the other team lor with Yayan in our team...hahaz...she scored a few points lor...hahaz...then played a bit of beach v.ball but we ended pick ball more than we hit the balls..so a bit sian....then yu zhong turned up with lunch and a super lame fren of his...Xiu Ming...his one of the lamest guy i ever seen lar...shall tell more abt wad he did later...then we played in the water lar..coz veri hot...oh yeah jacob cut his toe...he damn lame lar...jumped into the sea for less than 10 second...he was on the shore groaning in pain liao...hahaz...hope he's okie now...later on janice finally can come...then we went canoeing..."row row row ur boat gently down the street, when u see a crocodile u wont forget the street. HAR!" hahaz...wen jun was super funny....he capsized and was trying hard to get back onto the kayak...then flipped the kayak over again...hahaz...a lot of times lorh....i capsized naga and yayan's boat quite a few times...and they were cursing me...hahaz...yayan drank a lot of sea water i think..hahaz....and jan was rowing the kayak away while i was still in the sea la, made me swim so much...

Subsequently, we played in the sea for quite a while. Quite a lot of stupid games lar...like Cai Quan all these...and played with each others hair...wen jun's hair can be quite seh btw. hahaz...stayed in the water then played a bit of beach v.ball again...then went back le...had our dinner at the hawker centre...and everyone was like hungry ghosts...ate a lot or maybe onli me lar...hahaz...then went harbour front shopping centre to walk walk....played air-hockey...was reallie fun...hahaz...then 'Xing Ren', Yayan and I(XYZ) bought a same Fila Tee...Seh siah...hahaz...alrite shall end here....guess dat's our last outing...Oh yeah sth to add on at the hawker centre, we sat at Table 62...cool rite...we din realise it till the stall vendor asked for our table no. lorh...siah...oh Xiu Ming was super lame...he did a lot of childish and stupid thing at the shopping centre...like arm wrestling with the stupid statue. CONFIRM ar..hahaz

*Censored Version

zuohou sixtwoedd at10:33 PM


RAH i WANT to go to sentosa NOW!!! I've got a plan to get me there! BUT my mom has disappeared and I can't contact her and I'm stuck at home!? RAH it's already 11.40 If I don't get to Sentosa now I'll have like only 5 hrs there with u ppl! ARGH I'm PISSED! and bored for that matter.. I have a strong urge to jump out of the window and appear at Sentosa NOW. May b I should try and forward all the home calls to my handphone and go out. Then if my mom tries to check on me, it'll b ok! HAH! Ok that's a stupid idea and I'm only typing all this crap cos I'm STUCK AT HOME while all of you are enjoying at Sentosa now! I WANT TO GO AND FIND YOU ALL!!!! I'M GOING MAD AT HOME I'M DYING HERE!!! SOME ONE HELP ME!!!

Jan sixtwoedd at11:38 AM


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

heyyooo pple!! missed me terribly? i'm back from yltc!!! =) i missed u pple! i kept thinking abt the fac outing lah.. haiz. u pple had fun right.. unlike me. stuck in hci. i paid 40 bucks to torture myself. quite cool huh.. hehe. congrats to janice!! fac princess~ u go gurl! =) and most sporting couple *stares at paul* haha =D must tell me the details on friday ok!!?? and describe to me how ugly naga and zuohou looked when they ate the food for that marathon thing. =P wahhhh.. 23rd is drawing near. siannn

the yayan sixtwoedd at9:55 PM


<From Seb>

(Thank you to Ming Xiu for dedicating that you all loved me during fac outing! MUAH! You can get a peck on the cheek from me when school re-opens.)

Hello 62! I really loved the bonding session with you all during the fac outing. For those who didn’t go.. sigh.. hahaha.. Since I usually don’t speak well in front of a crowd, I shall do what I’m best at – typing.

Today’s the last day for signing up for the council nominations, and I know some, or all of those interested had dropped the idea, but nevertheless, I shall try to persuade you all on this fun but arduous journey.

I know I might have petrified you all about the downs of council and campaigning, e.g. all the tiredness, stress, less time, academics will suffer (during council) and the speaking in front of a large crowd and doing funny stuff for the council nominees introduction.
(like fac outing, but less stupid).

Nevertheless, it will be a great experience just to run for council. You get to speak up to a whole large audience, overcoming your odds of like stage-fright or people-phobia. One year ago, I would have probably been just as shy and intimidated by all these. Really! I’m an introvert btw. All my secondary school teachers can testify to that. I was like probably one of the quietest kids around??? Hmms. Jam’s an introvert. So is Sirui, Ethel, Weiying (mgs), Wee Siang, probably Clara. Yu Zhong is an introvert too. Zuohou is one. & I suspect he is also INFJ, just like me, same personality. Joo Xiang is INFJ btw too. Yyan is an extrovert, probably ENFJ. Shaoning is maybe INTJ. ?? Cool.. Don’t understand what I’m talking about? I’ll show you my MBTI personality test results… Haha, if you don’t know MBTI, it is an international personality test!!!!!!!!!!! It’s damn fun.. You should try to find out your personality. I’ll explain your personality to you soon if you want to find out more about your personality.

Go!@ http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp for MBTI personality test!

INFJ. That’s what I am. Behind all that making funny noises (MNG), funny actions like pole-dancing at fac outing last year ( which was even filmed by Weiqi. :p), Jolin 72 transformations, shake-butt (which was filmed by PA/AVA, and Diyang(who showed it to a lot of people)) during council nomination introduction, deep inside I know I couldn’t have done all these if I had not decided to do the most ultimate stupidest thing called running for council.

I still remembered the agonising periods of thoughts and frustrations, dilemmas and stuff. All my classmates were apprehensive about council. You know, how much it will take away from your life, and how much life it will take away from you. Yupp. It was really horrible. Everyone told me about how bad and how irritating council life will be. It is really a very tiring and stressful 1 year ahead and it is the ultimate stupidest thing to do, because people labelled it as slavery for the school. Indeed, I will not have refuted, because the CS I had done last year was repeated this year as a council activity (CNY tuanbai on a Sunday. Ask Jason, Yenzhi for more details) Yupp. I was playing cards and ponning lectures last year when I got caught by Mr Pang & sent for this CS, which turns out to be a council thing this year.

I understand how afraid and unconvinced all of you are on joining council. I have been too. I didn’t want to join council after signing up because I dreaded the campaigning too. I was thinking… What was this stupid thing I had done? I don’t like to talk to people, and here I am, volunteering to speak to a crowd and doing funny things just to get votes.

Nevertheless, all the stupid things I had done were all for a cause. All the funny things ensued and I built a reputation shortly. It gave me a name in Hwa Chong. Suddenly, it seems like almost a thousand or probably even 2000 people know your name and the dreadful things you have done. Fame wasn’t my cup of tea. Embarrassment is the last thing I want. I wanted to dig a hole and just hide my head in it.

It was all so embarrassing. I really dare anyone just to follow in my footsteps. Ask any extroverted fun and bubbly people. I dare them. Nobody will, I think. Maybe they will do it for a sum of money, but not for free.

But what was I doing all these for?

It was all for a good cause. It was for a ticket. The price to pay for a chance to get into the most prestigious CCA in Hwa Chong, but more importantly, a ticket to self-discovery, learning and what I call, a journey of extreme education.

Really. People will awe you for doing the most amazing things. For example, CNA reportedly wanted to interview me and my fellow city-gate partner for the amazing city-gate. & look at all the MAF lights, centre-piece and all. People wonder, how on Earth do they do it? Some reply slavery, but not true, my dear. The sense of satisfaction is really too great and indescribable. You’ll learn more about yourself, about the meaning of what you are doing and why you are here.

Not for PEARLS points, since they are worth nothing in my eyes (as I think I’m going abroad for studies), and it’s of no value to you. Not for slavery for the school.

It’s all for myself. I wanted a change badly. I wanted myself to learn, to comprehend life and all its complications in the shortest time possible.

Yupp. & it’s really true. You learn about discipline, which will really help you A LOT in NS and workplace, like not being late. Punctuality, time management, tact in speech, humour, PR(personal relations) skills, confidence and many more.

No doubt that people will label you as slaves for the school, call you stupid idiots who are brainwashed by the school, and do all sorts of stupid things like staying back till late at night to stupid and dumb things which will be destroyed after showing to a crowd like MAF or CNY anyway, but it is the process of doing so which you will learn and definitely benefit yourself a long long long way to go. & those people whom you serve, the people who call you slaves for the school, will one day look back and say, hey, thanks for contributing to my welfare, even most of them never even appreciate it, but some people who got cut because of an accident and were tended by you for injuries will feel glad. Someone who wanted a bridge to be built because they don’t want to get caught in the rain at overhead bridge will appreciate your efforts. & those who love deserts will thank you for the change. Some people who need a PE t-shirt but can’t get it because no one was around. Or probably a carom board in need to rid that boredom? I feel happy when Shaun thanked me when I got the carom board for him.

No doubt you have to stay back long hours, can’t cope with your studies at certain periods of your Hwa Chong life, be mocked by your classmates, separated from class gatherings and junior class gatherings, & for the AEP people be even even busier with things, but ultimately it’s all for a good cause.

It’s all for yourself, if you ever wanted a change in how you work things and how you want your life to be. It’s really a challenge. It’s really something which will change your life, for the good and for the bad and for everything.

I really don’t want to see you all running for fun, (probably some of the other councillors wouldn’t mind) but I genuinely and sincerely want you to run, for the sake of yourself and that you want it because of passion of a change of life and because you want to do it just for yourself.

& cheers to a successful campaigning, because I will definitely want my juniors to succeed, since I think I’m one of the most successful applicants last year. People still remember all that I did and even though I didn’t promise to what they want – that is the Dance I/C, they still looked up to me for the things I had contributed to their welfare and that I had led them as a councillor.

Dance I/C. hee. You never knew I promised S6 that I’ll be their dance I/C and lead them will you? Haha. That’s another story. But so long, so forth, I want you to take part in this experience. It’s an experience of your life. You’ll change, that is, and its definitely for the better.

Dare to dream! Dare to take this challenge! For there is only one chance. & if you really are taking this challenge, do tell me for I must and definitely will try my best to make your dream come true, since I’m king at publicity. It’s never ever too late to sign up, till 30th March, so please, do be quick and give me a response.

yuzhong sixtwoedd at8:47 PM


Hey guys, this friday 9 at habour front mrt station. We are going sentosa. I know the Huang Cheng ppl cannot go...but it's ok cannot help it. The rest try to make it ok? It's our last outing. Moreover, i've ask my friend from S71 to ask his class to go as well...so the party gonna be veri shiok...Anyone who cannot make it sms me...

zuohou sixtwoedd at5:36 PM


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

woah. im blogging for the first time in my entire life. haha. oops. erm, so how's everybody? hope everyone gets enough rest and fun this hols, and yeah..fac outing was fun! :)

cherrysparkle sixtwoedd at10:46 PM


fac outing was funnnn!
yay! jan and paul rocked!
they look like a pair of kids!
soooo cute la! or maybe it was just paul being a kid.
thanks alot paul, we all STINK of deo cos of your generous spraying.
ahhahaha. yay.
thanks to athena fac com!
you guys did a great job hahaha. it was memorable... *hugs*
and naga/zuohou, good job on teh makan mania! hahaha.
but zhiyang really very scary! hahahah...
and yes we all enjoyed the coke! :P

ning sixtwoedd at12:06 AM


Monday, March 14, 2005


*paul sixtwoedd at9:36 PM


Hey ppl! Haha fac outing was fun and EMBARRASSING... Omg I can't believe I played those games! Well I have to thank all 62ers present yest night for their support! Haha it was really nice to have u all, Shao, Ming Xiu, YuTian, Zuo Hou, Naga and Yu Zhong, (did I forget anyone?) for cheering me on n stuph! Right I forgot Seb and Shaun. Oh yes and er thank u Paul for being a nice partner. Heh we cldn't have gotten the most sporting couple award if not for u! Oh and LOTs of credit goes to Athena fac council for organizing the whole event! It was a success :) OH and btw, the prizes Zuo Hou was talking about were mostly deodourant. Yes, GREEN deodourant cos it's the fac colour. Haha... Oh well, hope all of you have a GREAT holiday! Esp Clara, Hui Fen, Ya Yan n Wen Jun at OAC camp! Glad we're still gonna have 3 more days together when we get back from the hols. Cya guys on Friday!

Jan sixtwoedd at5:49 PM


Oooo....why no one blog on the fac outing? anyway...Janice clinched the fac. princess title....hahaz...zai rite? And Paul was Am Chioing thru out the whole competition lar...hee hee.
Fac Prince goes to Li Hao from S60...not bad lar...quite worthy of the title....
The presents are veri cheapo lar...and the stupid 400 bucks Coke...hahaz...had a great time...
Jan rox..!!

zuohou sixtwoedd at5:23 PM


Saturday, March 12, 2005

Hey peeps! I was reading Zuo Hou's post and I was just thinking about our class and how it's like. What he says is true, our class isn't exactly the most united class in the world and not all of us feel a sense of belonging. At the same time, I think we should also keep in mind the fact that having such expectations is to be quite idealistic.

Zuo Hou, we chose you as our CT rep not cos we wanted you to take on the responsibility of gelling the whole class together. That is the responsibility of each and every one of us. So in other words, we haven't exactly been trying our best. As for you, we chose you because you were so enthusiastic about the class! You're the CT rep because you set a great example for all of us to follow! I know we don't always respond to you when you try to engage everyone but your perseverence awed me. Really. If I were you, I think I'd have died of fatigue a long time ago. Your job is a tough one.

I don't think you should measure what you've done in terms of how the class turned out to be. You should measure it in terms of how you've never lost your faith in class and your constant effort to make the class a better one! Of course, it's only natural to feel moody when things don't go your way or when you feel that you've failed at your job, but always remember, you aren't a failure CT rep in our eyes :)

Honestly, I think I'm fine with what the class is like now. It's really impossible for a perfect class or even a near-to-perfect class. I mean if you want to compare, just look at the other classes. They are either worst off or just a little better. I think what matters is that we're all happy being in the class. I'm happy. Are you happy? If you are, the first 3 months with the class was all worth it.

Recalling my first few weeks in 05s62, I didn't feel too good because I was trying to make new friends, mix around, find myself, find my footing in class. I got really tired out and all and I must say I was a little disappointed at first that the class wasn't as united as I would have preferred it to be. But now, thinking back, I don't see anything wrong with that. I think I was just being too idealistic. Now, I find comfort and warmth just sitting around with a couple of you. Just the fact that this lot of you are from 05s62 makes me proud of being in this class. It is the grouping of this class that has allowed me to get to know you and that's all I need. I don't need the class to be on! I just need the people in class:)

Yep that's just me. Hope u guys feel the same. Well anyway, hope to see you all on friday!

Jan sixtwoedd at11:37 AM


Thursday, March 10, 2005

>>>>this is from clara.<<<<

first class outing
with paul's seh clothes
our lao di fang at somerset
sentosa's sand
stj and our own mini band?
rmb the blue light place?
under the sheltered stars
resounding laughter
crap talking
and all the food junkies?
numerous photos running thru memory's maze
the fun we had
painting cny banner,
slacking at the class vandalised bench
and the choc-eating v day?
jokes about scotland
half the class getting 'lost' at coro during PW
chatting waay too much during lects
recess-es and lunch-es together
for the joy
for painting the smiles
for tears and comfort
for each individual one
no matter boisterous or coy
for simply being there
i love you guys a ton.

iCe sixtwoedd at9:43 PM


hey y'all!
i need to know who's going ( or not) for fac outing!
at CDANS safra club
on Sunday, evening
having dinner and games

plsplspls. BLOG and tell me.
or msg me.
or smthg!
i NEEEEEEEEEED to know. by tml.
thankews all!

ning sixtwoedd at8:48 PM


wow since everyone is writing this kind of "tribute" thingies i shall go with the flow and do the same! yay! im so creative and original! here are some random stupid thoughts.

baijie : OMG SIX POINTER! super smartkia.
ethel : hmm. haha i only remember that you followed me to coro to cut hair! yay!
sirui : seems super quiet. =b
clara : this girl is quite preetty. oso comes from a school with a lot of pretty girls. yesh.
yutian : NIGGGGGEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR! don't eat lorh!
shaoning : haha nice to meet you again after 6L. likes to shout and yell and scream. RAWR.
wenjun : white tau huay that lives in a palaceee. a nice ACS guy! O.O
huifen : SIAOKIA! always kena asthma! oso quite pweetry
mingxiu : wah taller then me. i feel so zibei. uniform oso very colorful one.
weiyingNY : uses WAX. O.O has billiownsgazillions of neoprints.
weiyingMGS : likes to act cute. likes BASTARDS. thanks for going with me to sa and jj funfair and forcing me to pay for you things. shortttt! stop niaoing me. im more seh den you. im also very humble.
kaiying : quite quiet? DON'T PON SCHOOL LAH.
levina : another one who followed me to cut hair! yay. oso likes to mug.
weesiang : JUDOKIAAA!. quiet guy.
jingren : loser who got 6pts for prelims and 10pts for olvls.
yuzhong : BIIG forehead. canoeing prokia soon will becoming another ivan.
janice : shorter than me! MWAHAS. oso quite prettty. dramafeste prokia.
naga : FAT ASS!. hehs. has a pool table at home. his pants size is 36.
zuohou : has 10 pecs! uglyy hair. =b super shuai. =D
yayan : hyperkia. never help me drop her waterbottle in econs tut. has setsquare hair! UGLY HAIR.
samuel : OMG shot 491 and trash diao junhongs 487. or 486. or 489? whatever. buy us thinggs from melbourne! another NICE ACS GUY! OMG! dint know they existed!
meisiew : is from CROSSCOUNTRY! xia dao!
jacccoob : we ride together, we die together, bad boys for life.

love all of ya.

*paul sixtwoedd at6:05 PM


heyy where's everybody 2dae?
4.30 & da class bench is empty oreadi..
everybody went home so early larh.
& zuohou are u alrite? how come u went home so early, and u seem to b so moody 2dae. cheer up quick k we miss da hyper zuohou.

since it's da laz week we shld all treasure it by staying longer in school.
dont chiong home so early larhh.
n wad about class outings? dont let dem dry up k.
& fotos, some1 bring camera k...
it has been some time since we laz took fotos.
fotos are memories. ever-lasting ones. we shld take mor.


jingren sixtwoedd at5:45 PM


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

so swwwweeeeeeet of jeremy, jingren and zuohou!
time really passes so fast la!
will always rmber our class slippers,
enjoying free time during one special PW lesson,
playing vball at sentosa,
lunch together,
kbox outings
and so many more!
hahahah. thank you all for making my first 3 mths so memorable!
thanks a million naga for teaching ( corrupting) me with pool,hahaha and joox for playing with me that friday!
thanks huifen for lasting out with me for the stupid debate that we screwed up hahahaha.. ilu!
thanks jacob, paul, yuzhong, wenjun and jingren for playing chapteh with me! and putting up with my missed shots and the hand-slam! lol.
thanks kaiying for faithfully being a loanshark hahaha. din knew your hidden potential of ponning sch lol...
thanks levina, weiying and ethel for being such sweet and nice pple! baking stuff for the class on V-day!
thanks to jeremy and jingren for all the crap that makes me laugh!
thank you yayan for bring so much laughter with your bhb-ness and you eye-disappearing smile! :D:D
thanks clara for your easy-going and cute ways... hope to talk to you more hahahaha, rock on!
thanks baijie for your 200% efforts in all GP group work..
thanks so much weesiang for the 2 hours of slp your sacrificed at 11.30 pm to rush our econs!
thanks sirui, weiying, and meisiew for motivating the class to work harder! hahaha. we need pple like you guys to help stay on track! :)
thanks so much zuohou for being a wonderful CT rep! ahhaha. its always fun where you're the one to start the rule- breaking! hahaha. i'll always rmber your " pon la!" lol.
thanks so much samuel for being the cutest pooh in hwa chong! your shooting skills very zai! jiayou!
last but not least,
thanks to jan, mingxiu and yutian. you guys are amazing, and i dont know how to tell you that i appreciate your company, fun, laughter and crap! hahaha. stay artsy-fartsy!
i love 05s62 so much! every one of you made a big diff in my life!
pls if you can, come back class bench and visit often kaes!
loads of love... <33333333

ning sixtwoedd at9:52 PM


hey...its me again. thought i would write something of a class tribute =) well, i dunno what you all think of me, but sorry if i have been irritating or bu4 shun4 yan3...or maybe seem too quiet sometimes. (mostly in the beginning) but i take a long time to warm up to people. here's a few words i'd like to say to everyone:

bai jie: hey...didn't really talk much to you, except about VBC stuff? (which is also quite rare...hahas.) i think you're really smart and helpful. heard that clara and huifen frequently ask you for help after physics lecture? haha..well, you're changing class...so wish you all the best!

ethel: hihi...was your buddy a few times but didtn really know what to talk about in the beginning...hahas. so if i've been boring...sorry...=P but now that i know you better, can crap together..lol. really funny how u always try (in vain) to suan1 me...hahas. try harder =P hope that we can continue to be in e same class!

sirui: eh you ah. can u stop saying things against me?!?! -_- hmm. hope you can stay using lep...try to speak up la. later people think you r very quiet. (which you are not) and try not to get so nervous while speaking in front of many people...(e pot calling e kettle black. i oso.) anyways. dun keep touching your button when u talk!! -_-'

clara: same pitch of laughter with huifen. hahas. hmm...think you're actually more than what you are deep down...a very nice, friendly and pretty gal with a pleasant smile =) hope you've made the choice you really want and not be led by others.

yutian: erms. you despise me a lot izzit?...hahas. i kinda admire your straight-forward-ness(where do you put the hyphens??). wish i could just speak my mind like you sometimes. i tink you're a very strong and tough person too. (and er...fierce.) you have many many humourous facial expressions too...lol.

shaoning: i still cant get over the fact tt you asked for almost all the girls' names in our OG and proclaimed loudly: "the boys, nvm la." sexist!!! ahh. anyways, loud and cheerful. makes ppl feel at home. can b moody at times. keep up your sporting personality, and your faye-like voice too! (faye from FIR. you're not tt qualified to be faye wong yet =X ) too!

wenjun: hmm. hope you can stay pal. i mean, rich kid. SUPER BIG HOUSE!!!! wa lao. wish u success in your erm..diet plan =] and try to be more careful when walking...

huifen: my buddy for quite a few times too! dunno why you r always giggling at (almost)everything...but it's kind of infectious sometimes. so its a gd thing =) friendly, cheerful and pleasant. lets out occasional high-pitched squeals. u promised not to forget my 'clara has eyelids' thing! haha. -_-'

mingxiu: y u always look so tired?(or sian).....heh. how come you keep speaking chinese of your own accord?? lol. but think you speak quite fluent chinese. haha....have proper rest leh. dun over-tire yourself. i sound naggy. or at least try to slp like a pig during wkends. tho i dont do that myself...

(NY)wei ying: haiyo. u started off by criticising my blog. haiz. of course i have to retaliate. and jingren WE DO NOT LOOK LIKE A COUPLE. cute maybe. i tink 90% is me. the 10% is she act one. haha....anyway u transferring to arts class...summore it's class with 3 boys. haiz. the poor 3 boys. lol. j/k.

(MGS)wei ying: first thing i thot of was: PY! erps. hahas. and pls dont use your super-duper-act-cute-big-teary-eye expression on us! will die. lol. i tink u look at mirror will die oso...lol. anyways, think you must be really intelligent! heard u kept topping e class last time. rotten luck that you've got parents with very high expectations...oh well. just do your best! (in dancing and academically and everything else)

kaiying: haha, i tink u kinda like e lame song title-lyrics game? erps. anyways you're actually not that quiet la. i think. almost always a ready smile at all times...and r u joining CO in TJ? hahas..well wish you all e best in TJ! hope u rmb us during e LEP writing camp thingy!

paul: paul. paul. paul. paul. (people with ego taLLer than themselves always chant their names. =P) rich kid too but owe a lot of ppl $? hahas. dunno y. u've REALLY grown a lot taller since last yr. erps. i think 'style' is oozing from you. or at least written all over your face...keep rocking!(not stoning. ha. ha.) tink the way u talk sounds like some childish boy. hahas. quite amusing at times. and return me my 6bucks la...

levina: hey! think you can really offer good advice and counselling if we need it..hahas. looks quite serious most of the time but offers a smile occasionally =) smile more, then prettier...ketchup freak! cant finish fries without ketchup. it's a wonder you dont turn red o.O or orange. you gonna take PCML too? hope you can trans back to our class..with a bit of luck.

weesiang: eh.......really ar! must talk more...haha. tho i sometimes oso liddat. but sometimes you would (on some topics. *cough cough*) suddenly say a whole string of sentences and i will xiadao. hahas. how come judo guys are quite quiet or something? pleasant. yup. hindarto oso.

jingren: oi! you r juz jealous tt u r not as neat =P haha im not tt neat la. super beckham fan, super sporty ar. last time you were quite hardworking bt now changed already? hahas. but with your brains, you dont have to mug dao4 yao4 si3 lyk some of us...haiz. hope you can stay using LEP! g'luck k! fwens forever.

yuzhong: haiz. i tink u should join council. or take up some leadership role. (p.s IT rep isnt exactly a leadership role...) coz u shouldnt let ur leadership talents go to waste. class chairman for two years...tink u did a very good job. so should join council. can slam table while cheering one. hahas..

janice: hey gal! i tink quite a lot of ppl tink u look beautiful. lol. must win the glory of fac princess for us k...always with a ready smile...didnt really know u until e chat we had on e mrt. hahas. lucky of u to have such a doting sibling! i wish i had one. treasure him ar! keep up ur friendly and engaging personality!

naga: uga naga uga naga. uga naga can sing till we go ga-ga. as in, vomit. hahas. j/k...tink you r really humorous and funny...always bring a lot of luff-ter to e class. a lot of funny actions and comments too! keep those jokes coming! i tink you have a mature, sensible side to you too. not to mention tt you're v nice actually.

zuohou: hey! i tink you've done ur best as a ct rep, trying to initiate class outings and forging class spirit. so dont tink you r a bad ct rep k! maybe we want you to continue service hahas. saw you around in school and heard your name but thought you were qt fierce or someting. looks lyk i was terribly wrong! nv seen u lose your temper so far...very pleasant person, lame and funny too. hope to see you in lep class! hahas. gd job on ur huge jump of L1R5! tink u look ok now! so dont tink too much abt it k...

yayan: oh god! y u so evil! make me suffer more by letting me in the same class as her. thot escaped in P3 already..hahas. j/k la. din really noe you tt well in pri sch...only remembered that you were v talkative. hahas! looks like you still are now. very active, outgoing, engaging, bright n cheerful, it's difficult to remain moody around her. look at her hop, skip n jump around n u cant help but smile. (at the absurdity of a big gal still jumpin around. hahas.) keep up your high-ness k! really tink u shud be a councillor. can imagine u screaming during cheering sessions. lol. try to run for council k.

pooh: oops i meant samuel. hey! u seem kinda quiet too but din noe u were a crouching tiger, hidden dragon...hahas. so fast then won competition already! good for u. develop your talent k. tink you have a strong command of english...stay in e same class so tt i can learn from u k? hahas. you've been a great friend so far! jia you! you know what ji1 fan4 is rite? erps. (dunno y jingren started it.)

mei siew: hihi! you're a very soft-spoken girl with the air of a dignified lady...hahas. didnt really talk much to u but can tell that u make a great friend, from the way u defend NY wei ying (and me sometimes) valiantly. i tink its impressive to take jap, even more so jap lep! took jap last time but quit after first year =P well, good luck and hope u realise your dream of going to japan to study! must rmb us k!

jacob: one word. unique. same class with you for third year already...and sat beside you in sec 3..i tink. think you have your own way of thinking and tt's gd! you're the type who defines 'style' your own way. keep it going!

hmm. that's the lot. thanks 05s62 for giving me an enriching 2.5 months! best of luck to all of u in future endeavours(did i spell correctly??) and altho you might not remember me next time, but i will remember all of u!

iCe sixtwoedd at8:24 PM


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hey peeps. Since everybody is blogging i might as well add an entry. I tot zuohou's entry was really sweet.

Yes indeed it has been a short but sweet 2 + months, time passed by so quickly when u are spending time wif da class (not physics lectures of cos). Now tt da 1st 3 months is coming to an end, we haf onli less den a week left. I have always hated da 1st 3 months policy la, come in go out, go out come in. But inevitably some of us have to leave & da 2nd intakers will come in & occupy da seats on da class bench left behind by those who moved on. It's fate that brought all of us 2gether in da 1st place. We dont even take da same combis, we haf some cheena lepians, some artistic aepians, & da rest who took pcme. There's huge possibility that we might get split up all 2gether. But this is life, we will haf to move on sooner or later & we cant really change that, juz like how i m destined to screw up O levels examinations. grr. Because of that i m here praying that da moe accepts me into lep, altho da possibility is quite low.

waaaa i tink i deleted jeremy post by mistake paiseh.

Here's something for everybody.

Joo Xiang: This pool master looked really bengish to me at da beginning but he is da mr nice in our class. His laughter is really as contagious as a flu virus. haha. now tt u haf moved on to study in aussie i wish u all da best & remember to maintain ur pool skills mwaha.

Bai Jie: Being the top student in anglican high, Bai Jie is very intelligent & smart. She's a sweet gurl as well & i will miss ur perfectly completed tutorials. hah.

Ethel: The only RV gurl in our class. I tot hwa chong wld b flooded wif male & female nurses. ahaha. Ethel is a very neat gurl & is always sitting rite in da front of da classroom during tutorials. o ya she has a super seh fone hahaahaha will miss it.

Si Rui: Si Rui is quiet in a group but she LOVES to gossip. rite sirui? chatted wif her on da bus before & found out tt she's actually a pleasant & chatty gurl. speak up mor!

Clara: You cant associate da word 'pon' wif 'clara' man. Dis gurl doesnt pon anything except x-country. aha. & i tink she is really hardworking, in oder words a typical mugger mwaha. kiddings. & u really speaks chinese in a weird way ahaha angmohish.

Yu Tian: The most tanned chinese gurl i haf ever seen. haha m i exaggerating? & u despise chinese high vballers la wth? We are nice guys k. She really has that blur look tt turns u off sometimes. She takes pride in her work & is very mug mwaha. i wonder if da word 'slack' is in her dictionary. Chill man & say hi more..dont b so dao la.

Shao Ning: This gurl has a clear & loud voice. I tink she shld go run for council, i tink she has da potential to b da cheer ic hah. Chatty & sociable gurl who dislikes tanyang more than anybody else. & she's quite rebellious sometimes la cool down.

Wen Jun: He's my bank! haha this guy is damn rich & owns a mansion which is big and tall enuff for ppl to jump down & commit suicide. (ok dis is crap) but his house is really BIG & he's reali RICH so go borrow money from him mwaha. no need return one. lol kidding.

Karen Khoo: haha i dont like 'karen' larh lol. Miss Lock will remember me as karen la wth?!? I will always remember huifen as da sweet looking gurl wif a laughter which runs like an engine, & she has a messy file like me mwahaz. rawk on.

Ming Xiu: Ming Xiu always looks tired (according to jooxiang). I tink she needs to sleep more & cut down on da late nites out haha. & She's REALLY mean i will nv forget how she turned to me in da middle of gp lesson & said dis beautiful phrase: ta chao fei la~! ahaha kiddings i tink u shld sleep more so that u will look mor awake when u come to sch everydae (=

Wei Ying: Ok dis wei ying is da ny one. She luvs to quarrel wif jeremy i tink dey make a cute couple haah. kidding. din really managed to tok to her i tink she onli toks to da peeps in her cliques la haha. u taking arts rite? all da best.

Wei Ying: ok dis is da japish mgs one. She's da only gurl who has two ponytails in our class laz time. U look cuter wif a ponytail haha. i tink dis gurl is smart and has parents wif super high expectations. She got scolded by her father even tho she got 7 pts la. if i can i shld go tell ur parents to chill. haha.

Kai Ying: Miss treasurer haha. She's very very quiet n is da female weesiang i shld sae. & i notice she reaches school early but doesnt go to da class bench straight. She wld b reading books in da canteen. haha. u shld come to da class bench & tok to us. we arent monsters haha. heard tt u are going tj? yea all da best too.

Paul: omg his ego is as big as ivan's muscles. and he claims that he wld b da nxt fac prince. haha. but i muz admit he gt gd fashion sense as well as funky looking hairstyles & eyebrows. hope tt u can stay in hc.

Levina: This gurl doesnt noe how to light da bunsen burner larh mwaha. I tink she's very hardworking too, one of da respectable muggers in our class. yea cool down man dont mug too much mwaha. wad else can i say?

Wee siang: We sit beside each oder on da bus from sec 2-3 i tink. but i nv really tok to him. He really quiet haha but not to da extent that he wld seem anti-social. speak up more!

Jeremy: this guy is DAMN neat. He's neater than some of da gurls in our class i tink. haha sometimes really cant stand his neatness. or izit that i m untidy haha. are u aiming for da chairman seat in da hwa chong library again? if that's da case hope that u can get it ahaha. (=

Yuzhong: wad can i sae..he has been my classmate for 4 years oreadi. haha very qiao rite. his weiqi is damn pro. & he's beginning to take up sports cca in hwa chong. join vball! mwaha n quit canoeing larh i tink its damn tough n rather boring. no offence 2 da canoeists hahaz. i luv kayaking tho. ok off topic. kk continue to dominate da weiqi arena in Singapore, & if possible da world haha.

Naga: Naga loves to rap in class haha. He also loves to draw weird stuffs on his notes. I tink his physics is very zai oso he got A1 for physics prelims. & he got A1 for higher chinese oso omg haha quite unbelievable but well u deserved it i guess. rock on dude.

Janice: This sweet gurl is our selected fac princess candidate haha. She's always that cheerful & i tink she's a happy-go-luck person. I tink her art is quite pro saw her masterpieces b4. if a potential aepian says that ur art pieces are zai means u are reali artistic haha. ok crap haha.

Zuo Hou: Zuohou just changed his look recently. I tink he looks better now & he looks very decent larh. I tink he's quite a decent guy too, sometimes very hyperactive like yayan. & he oso likes to zao xia a lot i tink u influenced mi larh not da oder wae round. alrite cnue to build up ur muscles.

Yayan: omg dis gurl is damn hyperactive. definitely not shy or demure like wad she claims to be. Sometimes she really behaves like a mental patient who escaped from woodbridge haha kiddings. She's oso sporty too loves to plae ball games & run around like a tracker during da games. rock on gurl.

Samuel: This air rifle master is really..erms.. an air rifle master. He's damn zai la he beat jun hong recently i tink. gd for u haha. continue to rule da a-r arena & get sea games medals. hoping to see u win da sportsboy of da year soon. & dont support liverpool la haha go support man utd.

Mei Siew: Mei Siew is very quiet oso. She doesnt speak up that often. haha n y are u going to rj? shld haf chosen to stay la grr. nevertheless gd luck and all da best.

Jacob: This guy sticks to paul haha. They pon lessons 2gether, pia dota 2gether, & call demselves some yinyang brothers haha. I tink ur parents are quite nice & u really look like ur brother haha. rock on man.

jingren sixtwoedd at8:48 PM


Monday, March 07, 2005

erm.. i think this is my 3rd post on this. but i still want to say this: you pple really rock. i love 05s62!! when i think of the day when our class will really split up, i feel soooo depressed!! argh.. feeling kinda lazy now. so just copy and paste everything in jeremy's and zuohou's entry into mine, and read it together ok? hehe.. only a few days left before some of us will have to leave and we can nv slack together as a class at the class bench liao. so everyone, plz try not to chiong home or to canteen straight after school or lessons, and try to stay and spend more time with the whole class. oh, and plz blog more! talk abt the fun times we have together during these 2 plus months. i'm sure there's a lot to talk abt! =) i will definitely miss you pple.. wahhh ='( how i wish everyone can stay on..

anyway, today some of us (me, huifen, weiying, naga, jingren, jeremy, wenjun) went to watch movie. quite sian.. because u pple all nv go!!! argh. actually ok lah.. we watched hitch the date doc. quite funny.. oh and the cinema has really cute cups for the drink!!! =) after movie we just walk in carrefour den went home. SIIIAAAANNN. i think we need more ideas for class outings. yeah~

the yayan sixtwoedd at9:18 PM


Sunday, March 06, 2005

Yup, it's been reallie great knowing you guyz for the past 2 months plus...Memorable time indeed but soon we hafta part. And like wenjun has sed in his nick..parting is hard and painful...but it seems like we hafta face the harsh reality and go thru tis agony.

I'll always remember Shaoning's loud and powerful voice, Joo Xiang's contagious laughter, WenJun's rollercoaster. The super tall Paul, hyperactive Yayan, Naga's nerd look,Yu Zhong's fierce look,Janice's cute look MingXiu's tired look and Yu Tian's blur look. Hui Fen's excessive laughter, Jacob's mp3 player, Samuel's knowledge, Bai Jie's intelligence, Si Rui's quietness, Jingren's lameness, Levina's pooh bear, Weiying's dance, Kaiying's money, Jeremy's Poll, Ethel's bread, Wee Siang's slam, Clara's apple, Mei Siew's speech and so so much more.....

These are things i'll never forget...they'll be kept in my treasure box eternally.

Thanks 05S62 for all the wonderful times, i love you guys.....cherish the one last week dat we have together....

Lastly, i gotta apologise for being such a lousy CT rep...i noe i suck at it...hope ur will not be so unlucky to haf me as ur CT rep again...

Goodbye all...have a nice time!!!

zuohou sixtwoedd at10:27 PM


hmm..it has really been a really fun two-months-and-few-days with 05s62. yup, after one week (not counting the march hols) we will be divided into classes again...and it is almost inevitable that at least some of us will leave and new ones will join. so...i hope (and pray) our class wont be 'purified', as in PCME, LCME, ACME one class each or something. in this way the changes wont be too drastic and maybe levina and jingren can change back to our class, even though they're most probably taking PCML. once again, best of luck and hope all of us go to our dream jc.

and...since its the last week, can all of us like post an entry?? or if you feel real lazy then tag...because..well..its the last week we stay as THIS o5s62. after 23march it'll be a different 05s62....

i also think we should engage more in yayan's favourite pastime. taking photos.

iCe sixtwoedd at8:56 PM


Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hey peeps! I don't know if it's just me or this yr, 2 n a half months have just whizzed by so quick that I haven't had the time to sit back and think through what exactly I've been through. Now, we're left with only a week as a whole, complete class. When we return from the March holidays, we aren't going to be 05S62 of the first intake anymore. We'll have some new members and we'll say goodbye to others. With only a week left, I think what I want most is quality time with all of you. Just sitting at the class bench in the morning knowing that everyone in 05S62 is around me is enough. I'll savour your presence.

Jan sixtwoedd at5:12 PM


Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hey 05S62!

Hello! How's everyone? :) Just wanna say that it has been a memorable two months with you guys! I wish to clarify that I wasn't the one who decided that Miss Tengara take over your class for Econs. When I heard the news I got a shock too. I knew deep down that I will miss every one of you. Today Miss Tengara came to take you all for Econs for the first time. I stayed in the staff room and I couldn't help but feel that something was missing.

Overall, I must say I enjoyed teaching your class, even though you guys can be quite restless at times. There were occasions when I felt stressed because I couldn't seem to hold the attention of some of you. I offer my sincere apologises if I hadn't been an effective teacher. I know my teaching style may not go down well with some of you. That is why I asked you all to write down what you all expected of me as a tutor on a small piece of paper on the first day we met. It was to give me a rough idea on how I should conduct my lessons to suit most of you. But at the end of the day, I hope you guys learnt a little something from my tutorials! :)

Yup so all of you know that Miss Tengara will be taking you all for about 7 weeks or so. Hope you guys will enjoy her lessons and cooperate well with her! :) She's a more experienced teacher than I am because she went through training in pedagogy while I didn't. I'm a J3, remember? I graduated from Hwa Chong last year without any formal teaching experience. So give her your utmost support!

I know some of you are upset over your Os. I know what I am going to say will be redundant, but I just wanna let you guys that no matter what grades you got, you all are truly great individuals in your own way. I mean it! Look, the class is full of talents! Zuo Hou's in Track, Levina takes up dancing, Shaoning can sing and speak well, Janice has a flair for speech and drama.... the list goes on and on! (sorry if I didn't mention your names) I believe that with perserverance, you all will succeed in life. Cliched but true... Hope that no matter what happens, 05S62 will remain united as one forever.

Haha.... I'm gonna get back my A level results tomorrow! Am praying very hard... Take care and do say hi to me when you see me around ok!

I'll miss 05S62!

-- miss lock :)

wanjun sixtwoedd at9:10 PM


dont we all wish things dont have to end up this way....

ning sixtwoedd at9:00 PM


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

sigh Os are out.
i think my L1R5 is the highest in HCJC.
well..i guess this is it. ill always remember the times we spent together though.

*paul sixtwoedd at10:28 PM



zuohou sixtwoedd at9:46 PM


(according to a class list done by shaoning...) today is weesiang's birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

iCe sixtwoedd at9:31 AM


hey...so sad my letter wasnt read out. >_< ji evil. anyways...yup we all got our results...some of us are planning to change jcs, some planning to change subject combi(=change class) whatever it is...hope all of us can keep in touch and all the best to everyone! and whatever your result is, if your happy, good for u! if you're not...you must have already done your best...dont brood over things too much.

iCe sixtwoedd at8:30 AM


haha! nice one jeremy!! hah, naga. saw that? =P and lucky i din see anything, so i still have my perfect eyesight! wahahahaa. and jeremy, ur letter din get read out right? good, coz i hate zhiyong. eekz. peifen better... =)

and peepz! hope the os results turned out fine for most of u! no matter what happens (hopefully nothing happens), i will always remember the wonderful times during these past 2 mths. 05s62 (1st 3 mths) forever~ :) you guys are really great!!! luv ya~

the yayan sixtwoedd at12:02 AM


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