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62 class cheer

six two six two tao-jit-mia*!
six two six two mo-tak-teng*!
tao-jit-mia, mo-tak-teng~
six two six two...

hokkien words & explanations

tao-jit-mia: 1st in everything
mo-tak-teng: unbeatable bao-ya: confirm win la! (=

photogenic 62

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jing ren.


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think of a class poll -_-

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

its current gp "research" time here at a409... i cant choose my electives...boohoo... keevin stop it dun play that winter sonata its getting on my nerves~~ ah thank god u switched it off~ what u replay it again!

thats not e point.

i mean....haiz i dont know.

blueutopia sixtwoedd at10:16 AM


Monday, April 25, 2005

zz can we have class outing on SUNDAY instead pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
saturday i got training, then only finish at 7.30.
and i want go queensway! queensway rocks! so pls have class outing on SUNDAY! sunday sunday sunday sunday sunday!

*paul sixtwoedd at3:17 PM


Sunday, April 24, 2005

It's a pity dat we cancelled the outing. It's kinda sad too. It was cancelled coz of the poor turnout. Actuallie it is not cancelled, juz postponed. We'll haf it tis saturday ok? Maybe we can go Queensway in the day first to look for our class jersey then go marina bay and eat. Sincerely hope everyone will try to turn up for tis outing...i somehow miss the veri first outing we had in sentosa where quite a lot went. but it's like after dat outing mani no longer enthu abt outing anymore...yes it's been quite some time since our last outing at the blue light place...simply hope tis saturday wan will be successful..

p.s. the first intakers( Jingren, Paul, Wenjun, Si Rui, Mei Siew, Kaiying and whoever i may miss out try to come too k? will msg ur the details when it's set)

zuohou sixtwoedd at10:14 PM


Hah it's Sunday night and I feel like my weekend just slipped through my fingers. Yes, unproductive as it might have been, I'm glad I got some retail therapy done! Whee! Not much of a shopping spree but I went quite mad buying hair accessories :S Well anyway, I still think we should go Marina eat soon! heh my friend says the prawns jump out of the pot half cooked onto the floor. Ouch. K enjoy what's left of tonight and brace yourself for school tomorrow k? heh cya!

Jan sixtwoedd at9:06 PM


haha.. erm.. to correct. we din go for the other races. i tink only cong sheng, adeline, yuet ee and jas went lah. the others all din go.. tink the pts we deduct is more than the ones we got loh. haha.. but i also din go. heee. it started raining 4 mins before the race :P but seriously lah.. 3000m one all the trackers and cross country pple loh. i bet i'll reach like 5 mins after them. grrrr...

ok.. we need another outing! i was so excited for this coming one lah. coz the food at marina bay really very nice =) and our class SUPER long dun have class outing liao.. must organise one soon ok?!

the yayan sixtwoedd at1:16 AM


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hey peeps! Woah this week has been a super sian and tiring week. Bet you're all as relieved as me tt we've finally survived till the weekends! Yep here's congratulating you for getting through this week! Yep my cam's back from the repair man after much procrastination so I hope my dad will trust me to bring it to sch on monday again then we can take pix :) Anyway, I'm quite sad this Sunday's outing cancelled :( Was kinda looking forward to it but nvm it's ok.. Bet you all have one reason or another for not going. Or if you don't have a reason, you just don't want to go. I know. Though I wish we could take a little more initiative sometimes, it's ok. Human nature can't change i guess.. Yeah we missed the 8x200 on thur. But I think we went for most of the other races so we'll be getting some points :) Yep cya guys on Monday then.

Jan sixtwoedd at12:41 PM


Sunday, April 17, 2005

woah sian diao~ realised tt i couldnt catch up with 1st 3 months' work, will surely die in an undignified manner next week (btw i dont even noe what tests are coming up. econs? chem? or is there maths? i thought maths is far far away?)

aniway as for class outing rite, why not go fly kite (literally) before dinner and go stargazing after dinner at the field opposite zhen fa "LIVE" seafood/superbowl. it seems a bit boring la, sorry (esp for wakeboarders like paul...then again i cant wakeboard)
otherwise we could go bowling, victor's seems decent enough for a bowling alley (and pls no arcade, SIAN DIAO!)

oh yea~even better~we could go to changi airport (now tt theres mrt) for sakae (but of course, i can only afford to go between 3-6 on weekdays) or swensens~NO QUEUES. juz went there yesterday, now the airport looks so damn big lar~ then perhaps we could ask some easterners (yayan! huifen! and who else arh~oh ya, paul and wenjun the tj guys) to take us around. juz realised tt i am always confined to town and places round school (beauty world pool) )=

so how? quick weng and keevin! counting on both of u to organize smthing quick!

blueutopia sixtwoedd at8:55 AM


Friday, April 15, 2005

yay class jersey! lets find one day den all go queensway find design! hahaha.
queensway queensway!

oh haha i took part in TJC SPORTS DAY 4x100m finals! wah im pro shit.

*paul sixtwoedd at10:52 PM


hey all, since more ppl going for class jersey, we'll make a class jersey ok? Paul, issit true dat u can get free chalet? the seniors want a combined chalet...wad u all think? think the blog like veri dead le lar...jeremy do sth leh...these few days veri sian lar...got so mani tests....next week especially lar...almost everyday got one lorh...next weekend must haf an outing or wad lar...since the 2nd-intakes still like nv reallie went out with us b4...chongsheng and keevin shall be our outing and food ics kae? hahahaz...we'll take chongsheng's suggestion of going marina bay and eat lar...hahaz...

ok...juz trying to add some life the blog...

zuohou sixtwoedd at6:00 PM


Thursday, April 14, 2005

hey guys~glad to be here hahaz~now i can make my voice heard LOUD and CLEAR (=
thought at first that this class was going to be damn dao towards me lar (since i switched class with jacob on the 1st day of sch - know that some pp quite 'buay song' lar), but after sticking with u guys for 3 weeks (so far), i feel more in place now *blushes*
haha some pp are totally different as compared to my first impression lar e.g. zuohou, yuzhong, fongyi, etc. thought i would be 'despised' by you guys, but hey, you guys are in fact the friendliest lar..not to say that the rest of u are not friendly... hahaz. as for the gals, i dont really know you all well yet lar..
hope i know everyone in 62 better as the days go by~ anyway ciao for now, gotta mug! (=

ps have a class outing QUICK~ realised tt pp have so little time after 1st 3 mths...

blueutopia sixtwoedd at6:53 PM


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

haha first ever post mian...
im gonna do a little advertising first ahha.. visit malaybrotherhood.blogspot.com ! haha at least check it out for fun..
hmms class outing.. go anywhere also can la.. just go out can alr...
s62 rocks la.. lotsa gossips.. very fun..=)

dreamers sixtwoedd at7:31 PM


Monday, April 11, 2005

heyo! haha im at tjc comp lab and the guy beside me is surfing www.bikinibabes.com! OMG HAHAHAHA horny freak. oh woops he can see what im typing. oh LOL he changed to NBA! HAHAHAHA LOSER LOSER!

anyway horhs. i tink go sentosa a bit sians liao =b. go so many times den oso always do the same things one lorh. class outin must do NEW and interesting things! mwaha. lets go wakeboarding! wow im a super genius! <---- genius!

bikini babes! hottest and horniest models DIRECT from their homeland!

*paul sixtwoedd at4:51 PM


Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hooi! Tell u wad. i like this class. got damn lots of fun people. woah!
ok erm can we go sentosa again? like on sat or sun? know u all went before, but 2nd intakers havent! ha and i really like sentosa. got sun to tan, sand to play, water to swim in, babes to look at, ok i'm drifting away..
Erm.. so how bout sentosa? or u ppl have some other places in mind?

WeNg sixtwoedd at10:35 PM


heyoz pple! erm... this is ur SUPER LOUSY pe rep here. hehe.. i forgot to get the list for the heats on friday. so i duno what are the heats events on monday. so please prepare urself just in case you have an event tml ok? i'll get it tml in the morning. i duno any other pe reps from other class leh.. heehee. really very sorry! =(

*btw, the teacher said he was proud of our class coz so many of us participating! =) he told me our seniors were sports classes. cool right?!
**once again, very sorry!!!

the yayan sixtwoedd at12:03 PM


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hey peeps! hmmm i just realised tt i always start with 'hey peeps' . ok nvm I don't have any other greeting.. Anyway, I was being super bored at home so I started browsing through the snr's blogs, the grand snr's blogs and then while I was searching for crap on yahoo, I chanced upon our great grand snr's (02s62) blog! Guess what? They're STILL blogging, the most recent entry on the 4th of April. Hah talk about s62 spirit! Well, if you want to visit the site and be inspired, it's http://coolsudzai.blogspot.com/ I'm impressed!

It's been really great having Paul, Wen Jun, Jing Ren n all of you 1st intakers back in this week! It's great seeing all your faces around again :) Hai.. Miss hearing your voices during lessons, esp Jing Ren's zao xia voice.. Keep blogging and tagging k? We can't afford to lose any of our members! Oh and pls remember to poll too k. So far only 19 ppl have voted (jersey winning!). Where are all the other 15 people??

Hey Yayan, must bring yr cam more often! Heh the pix r v nice :) Thank u! Haha I feel so bhb :S my face all over the album. Eh don't say Weiying 1 and 2 la! Why not Janice 1 n 2?? :P

Eh I think we should plan a major class outing so tt the 2nd intake peeps can meet the 1st intake peeps who aren't in sch anymore. Haha i think it'll be fun! Oh ok, sorry out of point, this is random, but if u need cash fm class fund, pls tell me the day b4 k? Thank u lots :) k yeah and i was about to say, 2nd intake ppl, blog more k! heh. Cya on monday!

Jan sixtwoedd at5:07 PM


Sunday, April 03, 2005

hey now since we all know who the 2nd-intakers are and stuff..lets.


(or jersey)
i know we discuss a lot of times liao but never really do anythn but now must decide liao.
at least those who left hc (cough cough) will have something to remember s62 by. fan zhen class tee is also a super good idea wad dunno which prokia thought of it.

so arhs, if you all want to make jersey, then maybe can one day all cheong to queensway and find one nice design.
or if want shirt, then we can design one shirt den go get it printed lah.
(but i tink jersey looks cooler lahs =b)
so how? howhowhow? quick decide discuss on this!

*paul sixtwoedd at8:51 PM


hey ppl please bring your passport size photo tmr (mon). mr tan yang wants it..so please spread the message to everyone. thanks.

yuzhong sixtwoedd at10:48 AM


Friday, April 01, 2005

Hey people! I haven't blogged here for a long time. Hope you guys haven't forgotten me! :)

How's life? Nowadays I seldom get a chance to interact with you all because we have our own lives to lead. I have yet to meet our new friends who recently joined the class. By the way Fong Yi was from 05S33 and I taught him! :) He's a nice and friendly guy. I'm glad that 05S62 is such a close-knit class! May you guys keep the united 05S62 spirit going.

Hmm... all of you must make our new friends feel welcome ok? I believe you all will because you guys strike me as a friendly and fun-loving bunch. Just wanna say that people come and go in our lives. But they leave indelible footprints in our hearts, allowing us to reminisce the good times we shared with them. May these wonderful memories keep us going as we face hurdle after hurdle in our lives!

No one in the class is running for council? Hmm... Why? You guys are shy is it? Haha... :) I watched the council nominees from the Apollo faculty introduce themselves on Thursday. They were so corny! Haha.. I didn't get a chance to watch the nominees from Athena faculty introduce themselves because by the time I reached LT3 the session was over. Looks like Athena fac doesn't have many students running for council!

Yup.. as you can see there's much more to JC life than mugging for tests and exams. May all of you have a fruitful time in Hwa Chong! I enjoyed my two years in Hwa Chone tremendously and I hope all of you will too. Cheers!

warm regards,
miss lock :)

P.S. Just in case our new friends don;t know yet, I am Miss Lock Wan Jun and I was formerly 05S62's econs tutor. I graduated from Hwa Chong last year :) My class was 03S71. I was from harmonica band, first aid club and huang cheng!!!

wanjun sixtwoedd at9:47 PM


Hey ppl, tml go eat dinner together ar? 6 at somerset mrt station. We'll either go Esteler or Cafe Cartel...everyone plz turn up ok? coz it'll be a good time to noe more abt the 2nd intakers...and also catch up with jingren, wenjun, paul...they all...
Spread the msg and ask them to come k?

zuohou sixtwoedd at9:37 PM


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