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62 class cheer

six two six two tao-jit-mia*!
six two six two mo-tak-teng*!
tao-jit-mia, mo-tak-teng~
six two six two...

hokkien words & explanations

tao-jit-mia: 1st in everything
mo-tak-teng: unbeatable bao-ya: confirm win la! (=

photogenic 62

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jing ren.


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think of a class poll -_-

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

hey ppl, this thursday let's go and watch 'Madagascar'.
Venue: Causeway Point (coz' the price der remains the same and to accommodate the LEP ppl)
Showtime: 3.40
Movie Price: $6.50 (coz' b4 5p.m.)

We'll meet 2.30, Woodlands MRT station

Can go? Cannot go? Dun wanna go? Up to ur lar hor....i'll sms ur again

zuohou sixtwoedd at10:17 PM


heyy all shuai ges n chio bus long time no seee.
juz droppin by hope u guys havent forget me.

so long nv crash hc to see u all oreadi how's everyone?
hope the class is doing greatt.
i m enjoyin my time in aj..
my new class is as fun as 05s62.
haha it's like duh cos i m inside ahaaha.

& where're all the outings?!
they are draining out yea?
zuohou do sth!
n yep the chalet..
inform mi when everything is confirmed k i will try my best to go.

forever a 62ian,

jingren sixtwoedd at7:12 PM


Monday, May 30, 2005

Hey peeps!
heh the holidays have started! wheeeee!! Yep happy for most of you who are probably already out there on a shopping spree (pls spend a few extra dollars on my behalf alright?) or just sitting back and slacking for a while. Well, I'm going to be sianing away at camp for a whole 5 days. Yep so I'll miss you guys and I'll try hard not to miss the shopping :( Yep it's the great Singapore sale now, hit the shops!!

Hope u all enjoyed yr elective. I definitely enjoyed mine:) Oh yeah I was in kayaking with Shao and YuZhong. When we got the schedules in the audi, we found out a certain 'mr joe lim' was our teacher in-charge. So me n shao were trying to figure who exactly he was. I was saying, hmm sounds like the teacher who holds CT every week. Then on wednesday, we hopped onto the bus and while we were waiting, Mario got on the bus. Shao said, hmm what's Mario doing on the bus? Yeah I think you get the picture...

Anyway, you should have seen Shao n I trying to get rid of our tan lines in the little pool of sunlight on the last day. 2 out of the 3 days were spent learning all the diff strokes n stuff. Then on the last day, we built a raft and headed out to sea! Sounds a little bit like OBS eh.

Yep almost time to go. Enjoy k!

Jan sixtwoedd at10:48 AM


Sunday, May 29, 2005

Results of poll:
Zuo Hou 3
Naga 2
Chong Sheng 16
Samuel 1
Keevin 3
Wee Siang 0
Wei Zheng 3
Yu Zhong 1
Jeremy 4
Fong Yi 4
Jacob 2

Notice the total number of votes? Can't do anything about it. -_-

iCe sixtwoedd at8:37 AM


Thursday, May 26, 2005

hey0z! this blog is really really dying lah. our class also... no class outings liao! must have one soon. the chalet arh.. tok tok tok. still haven decide.. and holidays already here liao!! jersey also.. ok. go watch madagascar arh for class outing. haven decide date.. but must after lep camp. coz the most impt pple are in lep.. so must wait for them =) and have more leh. wad about that sentosa trip? some pple discussing right.. hellooooo! chalet! paul... can u reply to zh's msgs???!! grrrr. whole class waiting for ur reply on whether we can get that FREE chalet! haha.. and thanks too! =)

hope everybody is having fun in their eep! can blog abt it here! mine was inline skating for the past 2 days lah. super fun! =) and i finally know how to skate liao! hehe.. but super slowly :S and i've got 2 big blisters on the side of my feet loh. damn pain lah.. haiz. but damn slack. the lunch breaks were 2 hours long! i still got time to sleep lah.. oh yah. and the gears were damn damn damn smelly. super! got dettol smell and sweat smell and duno what lah.. my head got helmet smell also! -.-"

american idol finale was super nice! carrie won! wahhahahahhahaha =D

*hope jr enjoys himself at aj's 'be urself' day. haha! :P

the yayan sixtwoedd at11:17 PM


Monday, May 16, 2005


your dahling Assistant CT rep making a super rare appearance here to say smthg!
lets have class chalet in june!
or else damn sian la whole day mugging...
and den, if we have chalet... paul!
can we borrow your dad's?
hahahaha. be a biiiig hao ren ( good person) and say yes!
den we can chiong pool, dota, mahjong wadeva. :D
plsplspls. pple reply to this k!
lets have class chalet :)

love ya all!
<333333333 shaoning

ning sixtwoedd at10:22 PM


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

hey hey! Go check out the new pix k. Class outing at marina bay and PW lesson:P haha yes I did take pix during PW. Life is getting boring and mundane and I couldn't help but take a few snippets of it for amusement purposes! It's seriously a wonder how we entertain ourselves everyday to keep from shrivelling up in the heat and boring waves that are emitted from our tutors. Yep the second album is just a little taste of the cheesy things we do. So if the sianness of life is threatening to take away your life, have no fear! You're in the great company of your S62 mates! (imsocorny) Hang on k. We will all survive!

Jan sixtwoedd at6:42 PM


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