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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hey how's everyone!

I just finished my exams! For those who are clueless, I'm currently majoring in econs and minoring in analytical chem at NUS. I was reading the posts on the class blog and felt tempted to post a message too!

I'm glad to hear that the annual festival of sports had made the class more bonded again. To be honest, I feel that one of the most important things to have in JC is to belong to a united class. It makes you feel you have a stake in your class and in your school as a whole. I was fortunate to belong to a very bonded class (03s71) when I was a student at Hwa Chong. Till today, we still keep in contact and meet up for class outings. Many teachers like our class very much! They remark that they often get a warm feeling when they come to teach our class.

Indeed, life'll be happier and less stressful when members of a class support and encourage one another. Thus, I am elated to read Janice's entry on the recent class outing where you all went to the playgrounds to have fun and so on... Haha I agree that we should relive our childhood once in a while! There's a child in each and every one of us :) May all of you enjoy the class chalet in december ok!

Speaking about movies, have you all gone to watch harry potter yet? Because of my exams I only watched one movie recently - Just Like Heaven starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. Highly recommended! It's a hilarious and heartwarming love comedy. I'm looking forward to Chicken Little which opens on 1 dec! :)

Enjoy the hols! You all have worked hard for the past one year and it's time for a break!

Hope everyone still remembers me though... Haha :)

- miss lock (wanjun)

wanjun sixtwoedd at9:17 AM


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

05S62-the most happening class! -next to 04S62-
Heeey peeps!
the HOLS R HErE!!! haha! Ok jsut for info's sake, class chalet's on the 21-23 of december and Yayan's helping us book the chalet :) yay thank u yayan! Oh n those who r going but havent paid, remember to pay me the 20 bucks soon k!

Oh for those who missed the most recent and very fun class outing, we didn't go to Ubin in the end! haha ok I shall tell u all about what we did. We met at PL mrt station at 8.30. ok more like I met myself there at 8.30 cos no one else was there on time! haha. ok nvm this time we were all not tooo late :) Then we went over to NTUC to get food to prepare sandwiches and potato salad (aha specialty;) ) Yeah our cart was quite full of healthy food except for the huge block of OLD GOLD cadbury chocolate which is probably the most heavenly chunk of choc u're going to taste from cadbury. And I don't think the cashier lady missed the 2 packs of barney (yes the purple dinosaur) plastic whistles (FOR KIDS) which we were supposedly using incase we got lost in ubin. haha

Haha Naga's kitchen was in a state of turmoil. seriously. hahah there was this time when the eggs were over boiling and we were scrambling around looking for a spoon to get them out of the water. So i asked xiu to grab this spoon I spotted by the sink. Yeah so we were quite successful in getting the eggs out. Then when we were done, naga said, 'please don't use that spoon again.' why? cos it was jsut used for dog food. *faints*

By the time we finished packing the sandwhiches (it was a very messy process courtesy of zh n tian :P) we decided tt we shd just go to ECP cos it was getting damn hot n we were just plain lazy la :P Anyways, cycling in ECP was good fun too! not to mention our very own version of dog n bone which involved the 'bone' reaaally literally being buried in the sand. ok u can imagine the rest. haha

When we were done with that we decided to go hawker centre to have dinner buuuut BUUUT we had tons of obstacles. Yep obstacles in the form of playgrounds! hahaha! Yes we should all get in touch with our youthful side sometimes :P We visited a grand total of FOUR playgrounds! yay. haha that place is full of playgrounds la! Besides the 4 that we went to, we saw at least 3 others and I'm pretty sure there's more we didnt see. haha oh well. We were playing stupid games like the walk on the beam then play scissors paper stone game thingy. haha n the conclusion is tt zh CANNOT BALANCE. hahaha! Then we played catching at another playground and this liek 10 yr old boy came over and asked if he could play with us too. SO CUTE LA! hahaha yeah another conclusion: feng yi is a monkey.

Yep that was class outing. Good fun :) Love u lot! haha! Everyone must go chalet k! It'll be fun! :) heh cya around and enjoy yr hols k! Don't forget to pia yr OP!


Jan sixtwoedd at9:11 PM


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