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six two six two tao-jit-mia*!
six two six two mo-tak-teng*!
tao-jit-mia, mo-tak-teng~
six two six two...

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tao-jit-mia: 1st in everything
mo-tak-teng: unbeatable bao-ya: confirm win la! (=

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think of a class poll -_-

Saturday, December 24, 2005

king kong kiang kong.. photo times! :D
eh.. i added some photos last time one.. and somehow the stupid shutterfly put everything in one album. see for urself lah huh...
enjoy! :D

the yayan sixtwoedd at12:10 PM


Friday, December 16, 2005

hello hello everyoneeee
ZH decided tt we shd have a class tee so he asked me to come up with a design and this is it! yay haha any objections? or comments? improvments? ZH says we'll decide on shirt colour and all tt stuff at chalet k so cya there! enjoy :)


Jan sixtwoedd at8:19 PM


hi, it's me again...class chalet is coming! this wed(21/12) to fri(23/12). Plz bring enough clothings and swim wear for wild wild wet and MONEY!! If u wish, u can bring sleeping bag coz the beds are reserved for VIP=me. If not, u juz hafta sleep on the floor or inside the cabinet. And BBQ is on the second night. I'll invite Tan Yang to come. OK?

The check-in time for the chalet is 2.30p.m. We'll meet earlier to buy food n BBQ stuff. ok?
Meeting time: 11.00a.m. (Late Comers will be fined)
Meeting Venue: Pasir Ris Mrt Station

SMS me if u can bring any of the following things. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
1) Thongs for BBQ
2) V.Balls
3) Freisbee
4) Boardgames['ll bring cards and mahjong(mini)]
5) mp3 player (i'll bring the speakers)
6) Phone Charger
7) Wadeva u think is necessary and I've missed out.

Sorrie This is my first time organising this kinda chalet. So veri Noob. Normally, I just go and enjoy...

Last Thing. 1st 3 months ppl. You're welcomed to come. I'll try to msg all of ur. Dun worry, we'll never forget ur. Just dat ur MAYBE hafta pay also lar...hahahaz If yall not free, at least come for the BBQ lar..k?

zuohou sixtwoedd at7:31 PM


Monday, December 12, 2005

we're at SPH now..hehe...veri sian..so anyhow blog one...yuet ee wants to eat the chocolate cake but she doesn't dare to go eat...if only weizheng is still around...he'll take for us...
Anyway, ur still want class tee? janice say wanna design till now she hasn't designed any i suppose...i dun blame her lar coz she also busy..so i shall design...HAHAHA sure super nice...
Class chalet 21st to 23rd...we hafta do some planning leh....but how? i also dunnoe lar...my com at home is down...so cannot go online to find ppl discuss leh...ur can discuss here...who gonna bring thong, food, music, game, bla bla bla....all these
ok...the choc cake is super nice....still got a lot left der lar...haiz...
OH yeah...joo xiang is back! haven seen him yet..so dunnoe wad he has become. hahaz...but fongyi's down...haiz...i've invited xiang to our chalet...=)

zuohou sixtwoedd at7:05 PM


Monday, December 05, 2005

heyoz pple!! MISSED ME?!?!?! hehe... yeah.. i'm finally back from my lep immersion trip! yinghong and weiying both at their trip in taiwan now. have fun gurls :)
if you don't know, i went with ethel for this china trip lah, and we had LOADS of fun!! :D (although we have lots to complain the toilets there. hehe) the things there are cheap! hehehe.. but we only got one packet of food for u ppl, coz we scared our luggage will be overloaded :P hmmm.. got quite a lot to share.. so i predict i will be talking non stop the next time i see u ppl.
*get well soon fong yi!!!*

the yayan sixtwoedd at8:46 AM


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