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six two six two tao-jit-mia*!
six two six two mo-tak-teng*!
tao-jit-mia, mo-tak-teng~
six two six two...

hokkien words & explanations

tao-jit-mia: 1st in everything
mo-tak-teng: unbeatable bao-ya: confirm win la! (=

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think of a class poll -_-

Sunday, December 31, 2006

hahaha ok after reading my post, pls scroll down some more to read zuohou's entry. very important. yahhh. everybody go for the junior senior session, and we'll go play ball either before or after that!! ok???!!!! hmm maybe dinner too? ah dont know. but please please please leave out some time for our class yeah?? some (poor) guys are going in already!! haha.. let them be happy before they go in to get tortured :P

oh my gosh i feel so old. it's 2007 in less than 2 hours' time, and we're going to meet out GRAND juniors soon. bahh.. our seniors will be meeting their GRAND GRAND juniors. haha. sigh.. hope all of us will still stay close for a looooooooong looooooong time yeah? promise? :)
eh yah. and thanks miss neo for the dinner treat a few days back!! nice dinner, although miss neo came like super duper late and ended up just eating from the guys' plates. haha.. blue lights place really rock :) argh we haven brought our juniors there!! :S anyway, i took HILARIOUS videos of the forfeits done by some of us. can come get from me, if u wanna see it. ESP THE FONGYI/AH TIAN ONE. haha yep

cheers! 2007 is coming. new year new beginning
hope 2007 will be a great year for ALL OF US (and we'll still be meeting up very often yeah?) come to the blog more often! and read zh's entry!!

the yayan sixtwoedd at10:31 PM


Happie new year everyone! 8th jan which is a monday is the senior meet junior session! And tiap yang has invited our klas to come and crash! hahaz..coz their klas like too few galz, cannot play the 'honey...' game. I'll message ur the time and venue soon after tiap yang has informed me. And 12th jan is their orientation campfire. So hope you guys can also turn up and catch up with our senior and junior klas and of cuz noe abt our grandjunior klas. Hopefully got some chio bus..hehe. But too bad some of us are enlisted on dat day afternoon. haiz but still our spirits are with ur. hahaz...cyaz all then!!!

zuohou sixtwoedd at9:29 PM


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

hey peeps...levina here..helping shaoning to post a msg..

62 dinner treat: 6pm at Dhoby ghaut. jus say we're having treat from ms neo! pls be on time!! its at Manhattan's Fish Market (which is NOT a wet market btw). and paste the details on my nick! ssee you there tml!!

Reminder from shao + ethel: Dun be late!!!( or rather try not to be late)

oh..i won b there..sorry..u guys have fun!=)


sHal0M~~ sixtwoedd at10:13 PM


Friday, December 22, 2006

hey hey
change of plans again sorry! We're having a bbq instead of cooking. But no worries, we're still meeting at 3 at paya lebar mrt station. Yep just so u'll be prepared! Oh and don't worry your gift for exchange and e theme whitee. k have a merry white christmas and see u on sat!


Jan sixtwoedd at2:34 PM


Monday, December 18, 2006

hello everyoneeeee

the details for X'mas partee has been confirmed!

Venue: Naga's house
Date: 23 Dec
Time: meet at 3 at Paya Lebar MRT station

We're gonna use the 27 bucks we have left from class fund to get some food at NTUC or smthing then bring back to naga's house to cook! hoho. Hrm if we need more cash then may b we just split the remaining cost there n then. K so those who wanna join in the grocery shopping n cooking come at 3! Dinner shd start at ard 6.30 for those who don wanna cook. heh. Oh and pls bring a gift of value $5-10 for a gift exchange! MUST bring ok! if not u won't get anything :p kk see u guys at the parteee!

Jan sixtwoedd at6:28 PM


Sunday, December 10, 2006

hey guyss

heh yayan's right! we gotta make this blog more alive again, esp since we don't exactly meet everyday anymore, this is the only way we can mass communicate within our class. heh. so check back often for updates and activities even if you don't post k!

Hrm abt the Christmas party thingy, Ade and I were originally thinking of having one on the 23rd (eve of the eve of xmas). I'm thinking we could have like a gift exchange, and some food, potluck or smthing. Currently, the class fund has about $27 bucks (if dear CS and Jacob would kindly pay the 10 dollars each of class fund tt they still owe) which we could use to get some decent food. HO we could try and cook up something again. Potato salad anyone? Hrm we don't have a venue yet but I think it'll be good if we had someone's house to bunk in at. Don't think any restaurants will have space for so many of us a few days before xmas. K so tell me what u think k? hoho we need some christmas magic :) Oh if we can't get anyone's house, Keevin says we can just go to Cashew Heights (his condo) but tt prob also means we'll just be runnign ard the pool and stuff. no christmas tree! so sad. haha

heh k hope u guys r enjoying yr hols nowww. Or if you're working, hope u have a nice boss! haha. For those in ns already,jia you! haha hope they're having a good timeee. heh k im saaalinng away today I'll see you guys again in a week and hopefully by then we'll have a christmas party on the waaaaaaayyee!


Jan sixtwoedd at5:27 PM


Saturday, December 09, 2006

hello hello pple!! visit more often!! make this place alive again!! and stupid keevin, you dont talk rubbish! hahaha.. you go organise chalet lah. you are the free-est around!!so people just msg keevin if u are free and really keen on chalet. hahaa.. but seriously. we should have one!!

ok.. by this time, weesiang and weizheng are BOTAK, and on their way to a successful slimming programme planned by saf. probably male bonding time with their comrades in the bunk now?? hahaha.. enjoy guys!! can tell us about the exciting adventures in 2 weeks' time!! so pple, if there's class outing, please try to turn up k. last few times to see the guys with their glorious mane. whoop! it will be exciting and a great source of entertainment for the next one or two months for us girls to compare the before and after effects of ns! :D class outings class outings. hahaa
ahhh you people dun work so hard lah.. must take time to catch up with the rest of the class yeah? afterall, what are the chances of the 26 of us, out of the few hundred students in hc, to be in the same class? must cherish this yuan fen!! the class dinner turnout last night was a bit disappointing, even for those going into ns for dec. maybe some have valid reasons, but fot those who can make it, but wont go.. hmmm. nothing to say

yeah yeah. keep 05s62 spirit going k!!!!!!!!! actually i dont know why i'm so ra-ra now. i miss the class (and class bench) alot alot!! :(

the yayan sixtwoedd at9:57 PM


after much deliberation and consternation yesterday at the "class" dinner to send weizheng offf to tekong, we have come to an agreement to spice up our extremely boring holidays. yayan has kindly offered to book a chalet for us. haha in the first week of january or somethingg.. so whoever is free on that week, pls dun plan something and msg yayan if u can go.. yayan is in charge!

uhhh and naga also enthusictually agreed to lease us his house to host a christmas partayy.. hes gonna be santa claus and will be giving out presents to all who are present :D . and no doubt he will be sneakily hanging mistletoes all around his house, hoping to catch the girls unawares and planting a big fat kiss on them. be careful ppl! BUT all this depends on his ability to find a hot hot Heet date for christmas eve. in any case i think we shld have a christmas partayy.. msg naga if u guys can make it.

oh oh oh and weizheng has sportingly agreed to setup a blog


to chart his progess in slimming down that belly of his. haha pls do check regularly. his next post shld be christmas time when he is let out from the prison that is tekong.

haha exciting times ahead for the guys. woot! cya peeps

dreamers sixtwoedd at12:07 PM


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's kinda pain that jc life has officially come to an end. The 2 years we spent together bore witness to many happenings, be it good or bad. So much has come to pass and nothing's quite the same as it started out. Though 2 years isn't exactly a long and enduring one, it's definitely a significant part of my life. Perhaps, we may not even recognise each other on the street in years to come. But something for sure is that I'll miss all of you. I wanna thank you all for making my jc memory a complete and sweet one.

zuohou sixtwoedd at11:49 AM


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