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six two six two tao-jit-mia*!
six two six two mo-tak-teng*!
tao-jit-mia, mo-tak-teng~
six two six two...

hokkien words & explanations

tao-jit-mia: 1st in everything
mo-tak-teng: unbeatable bao-ya: confirm win la! (=

photogenic 62

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think of a class poll -_-

Monday, June 25, 2007

thank you all, for turning up! :)
its been great seeing all of you, and to catch up on where everyone's going and all...
have a great break girls, esp since uni's 1/2/3 months away depending where you're going haha.
and the guys,
hang in there in army AND DONT SMOKE! hahaha. :)

take care you all <33

ning sixtwoedd at1:08 PM


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

dear all who read,
please spread the word!

class meeting (which was postponed from last wk):
-9.30am Kembangan mrt stn
we go ECP to play/cycle/blade/rubbish and have lunch tog? ok? :)

please get back to me, thanks! :)

ning sixtwoedd at5:48 PM


Saturday, June 09, 2007

hieeeeeeeeeee :)
my turn to update! i'm currently an office girl, working in credit control dept for a jap logistics company in some super ulu corner of changi. it sounds boring, but it's DAMN stressful because i have to bank in cheques and pass giro payments for the company. I've made some ultra stupid mistakes like typing in wrong invoices so company A ends up paying for company B invoices, while its own remains unpaid. some of the mistakes can involve a few thousand bucks! it's so super scary ok :S
and i'm also currently involved in ndp team exco, which is mainly in charge of the NDP ushers. this year they have a name! they are called bay ambassadors :) but the commitment level is really high.. i think i haven seen the com members for only 1 day this week :S oh and i am so lucky to be the deputy oic of the OUTSIDE SECTOR. so while the pple along marina promenade get high from all the songs, performances and fireworks, the poor me along with my oic and ushers will stand OUTSIDE and self entertain -____- i've secretly named it the 'sai gang' team :( the other sectors have nice colours, like ORANGE, RED, GREEN, BLUE. even the esplanade sector sounds better than outside sector right?!?! haha.. so come july sats and on the day itself, u pple can try spotting me running between the 2 entrance points near marina square and (i dont know where) :P
UPDATES UPDATES!!!! :):) i miss you pple so much!

the yayan sixtwoedd at11:29 PM


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

heylo! latest updates:
there will be 2 gatherings coming up!

- East Coast Park 10-3pm
meet at Kembangan station at 9.30am den we just share cab (its about 1 buck each la k cheaper than bus :P)
we'll have some sports/fun then lunch, then perhaps catch up/cards etc :)

- Class DINNER 6pm
we can meet at somerset mrt station.
is anyone adverse to jap food?
one option is Waraku jap restaurant, its about 20 bucks a set, but each set needs to be shared cos it really is HUGE.

or you can suggest another place :)

please inform me (shaoning of attendance!!!!!!!)
thx :) <3 all!

ning sixtwoedd at11:23 PM


hello everyone!

Hope you guys are all going to the class outing next Sat! I'm looking forward to it.

Ok as Shao suggested, I shall update everyone on what I'm doing now since I haven't seen or spoken to so many of you since.. I can't remember!

I'm working as an intern at a media company called Orbital now and it's in LITTLE INDIA. Haha it's actually quite a nice quaint little corner directly opposite The Civil Service Club where we had our 2nd Fac outing (the limessence one). The downstairs neighbour sells steel bars and the adjacent neighbour sells video production equipment! I'm doing a bit of design and stuff and it's quite interesting, other than the fact that I go home seeing stars everyday from staring at the comp screen :S So if you don't see me online at night, you know why.

I'm also making notebooks and selling them! hohoho. ok everyone go see: http://tablemates.blogspot.com and pass on the website to your friends k? haha.. It's really fun to do though I don't make alot of cash from it. And it's getting increasingly diff to find time to make them cos I'm learning french now (bonjour!) and I'm going to start driving lessons soon :S:S

Yepss. that's me. Update on yourself!!

Jan sixtwoedd at11:02 PM



the yayan sixtwoedd at1:07 PM


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